Mad Mark’s Creates the WOW Factor with Customers

BRADENTON, FL (12.17.2020) – Mad Mark’s Stereo has been “Disturbing the peace since 1988” in Bradenton FL. For more than 30 years Mark Turk and his Team have also been creating a legion of happy customers. A Mad Mark’s Instagram post on Tuesday December 15th, highlighting new exterior signage on the building, led to this article. A Kicker logo,15’ high and 6’ wide, was painted on one side of the building that is located on a very busy street in Bradenton.

This is the recent Instagram post that grabbed 12volt News eyeballs. The KICKER logo freshly painted on the building and so much more for people driving down the street to see.

The comment with that post read “We are off to a great start this Monday morning with our new signage and our new boat Tee Top out front. Ohh, let’s not forget WE also do GOLF CART customization and upgrades. Stop in or call to make an appointment to speak with our Golf Cart expert and see how far we can go with your golf cart! “ Being based in Florida Mad Mark’s does a lot of marine and golf cart business along with audio, automotive aftermarket, performance and Powersports. These words in the comments, from a very passionate owner, certainly connect with consumers and followers.

Mark Turk behind the sales counter. Check out the impressive Mad Mark’s inlay.

“I have a passion for my business that is virtually 24/7. I’m up at 5 AM and at the at the store for a full day by 6AM many days. We continually work to draw attention from the street and provide people an exciting experience when they enter the store” Turk related to The12volt News.

Product neatly stacked on the showroom floor.

There is definitely a WOW Factor when people enter Mad Mark’s. The showroom walls are covered with large graphics spotlighting Wheels, Tires, Lifts and Motorcycle Upgrades. The showroom floor features stacks of audio products, a marine cockpit display and stacks of wheels. The Kayak, loaded with an amazing system with multiple amps and speaker pods, is also on display. Bear in mind a Kayak is less than 10 feet long.

Signage of the wall highlights product categories.

Turk continued “When customers come into Mad Mark’s they look both ways to see the wide selection of categories and products we offer. We also change things in the area out front frequently with demos that include bikes, Golf carts, Slingshots and vehicles as well. We also change the signage on our large street sign. The 6’x8’ panels are backlit with LEDs and we change the graphic frequently.”

Slingshots out front grab attention and generate big ticket sales.

Business in 2020 has been very strong at Mad Mark’s in 2020 as it has been with many 12volt retailers across the U.S. during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This decked out Kayak will create sound waves on the water!

“Our Team of 9 continues to be aware of social distancing and making provisions to keep all safe. We are focused on the long term and being a forward thinking member of the community. We frequently receive positive comments. I recently had a very positive comment from my doctor who noticed how we continue make the Mad Mark’s building eye catching as people drive along our busy street. We definitely plan to continue to do more at Mad Mark’s” Turk concluded.

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