Mobile Solutions Presents “Up Front Fab” Training

TEMPE, AZ (12.16.2020) – Join Mobile Solutions’ founder and CEO Bryan Schmitt along with Sage Weir from ORCA Design and Manufacturing for UP FRONT FAB; a 90-minute web-based training on Friday December 18, 2020 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. The fabrication-centric training session focuses on speaker placement for premium sound quality builds, including addressing creation of speaker locations and finishing techniques required for custom A-pillars, dash grilles and tweeter pods and more.

Speaker placement is the key and the challenge to achieve a sound experience with depth and realism. This training demonstrates how to overcome acoustic challenges, how to utilize fabrication tricks and participants will discover the top three upholstery techniques that elevate the finished quality of the installation.

UP FRONT FAB Online Training Session Highlights:

  • Optimization of front high frequency speaker placement, using dash and A-pillar examples
  • Creating rings with Mobile Solutions’ new SFS Shape Kit
  • Using profile router bits to save time, add style and facilitate ease of upholstery
  • Advanced 3D router techniques to elevate fabrication work
  • Painting, faux wood and texturing techniques
  • Texturing and finishing techniques for a factory-like dashboard appearance 
  • Learn how to bond to OEM and dissimilar plastics
  • Upholstery techniques with materials like vinyl, suede and leather
  • Aluminum routing and forming
  • Machining without a CNC (Live Demonstration)
  • Polishing and finishing (Live Demonstration)

Throughout the training, Bryan and Sage share tricks and tips for building A-pillars, dash grilles and tweeter pods using step-by-step techniques proven over multiple installs to deliver results for the incredible sound while observing integrated cosmetics. It’s the intersection of the right tools, materials and using efficient processes. The training aims to help attendees build amazing sound systems with OEM styling, quickly and efficiently.

The Friday December 18 UP FRONT FAB training (10am Pacific/1pm Eastern) streams live from the Mobile Solutions training facility in Tempe, AZ and will be broadcast via Zoom. It’s free to attend online for anyone, whether or not they are a dealer of the ORCA or Mobile Solutions products.

To register directly click here.

For more information, visit the Mobile Solutions social media sites at Facebook or Instagram, or visit ORCA Design Family of Products on Facebook. Registration is required to attend.