Nakamichi Airs in More Head Units to Meet Demand

MIAMI, FL (12.14.2020) – Last Thursday, three more pallets of Nakamichi CarPlay head units arrived at Diplomat Trading in Miami. Several times now Diplomat, the exclusive U.S. agent for Nakamichi, has aired in head units to try and keep up with demand.

“Our two CarPlay/Android Auto pieces continue to sell extremely well”, commented Robin McNeal, National Sales Manager for Nakamichi Car Audio. “We are fortunate that we have a good working relationship with Nakamichi Asia to help offset some of the transportation costs. We are also fortunate that Diplomat has the resources to continue to invest in the brand and allow us to grow our business in the States”.

Nakamichi CarPlay head units arriving by plane.

McNeal and Diplomat have been working closely with the factory to forecast business and future growth. “It has been crazy, just when you think have a handle on product supply something unexpected pops up,” stated McNeal.

Currently, demand still exceeds supply as Nakamichi Car Audio continues to make inroads in the U.S. market resulting in a surge of popular models.

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