Race Sport Lighting Launches TRIO-GOLD Series LED Kits with Light Changing Performances

RINGWOOD, IL (11.20.2020) – Race Sport Lighting has launched their TRIO-GOLD Series 3K 5K and 6K Switchback LED conversion MICRO-FITMENT kit that ranges between 2200-4000 LUX of light output! Designed for the ultimate on-road / off-road experience for drivers with the ability to switch between 3K gold fog cutters, 5K pure white OEM, and 6K luxurious crystal white headlight or fog-light kelvin colors.

This versatile switchback performance kit features a 3 kelvin color switching function on the single beam headlight and fog light base models, and 2 kelvin color switching capabilities between 3K and 5K on the (4) dual beam headlight bases available. The LUX output is incredible as well on this product measuring at 2,200LUX on the 6K, and as much as 4,000 LUX max on the 3K gold for a powerful cutter in misty and foggy environments to see the best.

“This is a dealer driven invention that we have been getting a lot of feedback for this year. Dealers have been wanting a 3K gold LED kit that performance the best in nasty weather environments, but still want their 5k and 6K Kelvin options too. This product gives the dealers exactly what they have been asking for in 1 product. It’s going to be an extremely popular series for Race Sport Lighting this year,” commented Steve Jergensen, President, Race Sport Lighting.

Click here for TRI-GOLD series product details.

“I can’t wait to offer this solution to dealers! In the past, we would only offer them HID 3K gold options for this request on the tech lines, and that works well, but some customers simply want the LED 3K Gold. I personally have tested this product in the lab and on the road, and dealers are going to love the performance they are going to be able to offer their customers,” stated Mac Gracia, Installation & Tech Support, Race Sport Lighting.

TRIO-GOLD LED Conversion kits are in stock and shipping now out of our warehouse. We encourage all our distributors and dealers to get these in stock and experience what the excitement is about.

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