Scosche Industries Announces Essential Accessories for the New Apple iPhone 12 Series

OXNARD, CA (10.16.2020) – SCOSCHE Industries have announced their range of accessories for the newly announced Apple iPhone 12 series.

While the new iPhone 12 did not come with a charger or listening device in the box, Scosche has the advanced technological accessories to maximize the phone’s capabilities. Scosche will be announcing their range of MagicMount accessories that work with Apple’s new MagSafe magnetic charger.

Extendo Telescoping Phone Mounts

Using Scosche’s USB-C Power Delivery (PD) PowerVolt Fast Charger, for home and office, or a PowerVolt in-vehicle fast charger, charging is 3X faster than with a standard charger. With their smart circuitry they are backwards compatible and will charge older iPhone models, as well as new ones, at their safest and fastest rate.

The Scosche Braided StrikeLine MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning Power Delivery compatible charge and sync cables are available in convenient lengths of 1ft, 4ft, 6ft and 8ft.

Cup holder Mounts

Due to the popularity of AirPods, Apple has eliminated earphone jacks from the iPhones. If you miss the fidelity of a wired audio connection, or want to use your favorite pair of wired headphones, Scosche’s Lightning Audio Adapter will connect them simply and effectively via the Lightning connector.

Wireless charging is a convenient, safe and now fast way to charge your IPhone 12, or any iPhone 8 or later. Scosche offers a selection of innovative, patented, Qi-certified wireless chargers and wireless charging phone mounts that Fast Charge the iPhone12.

As the #1 Mount Brand* In the U.S. and Canada, people trust Scosche to deliver the most innovative, reliable and user-friendly mounts. With safe driving laws in effect in the majority of U.S. states, it is a legal imperative as well as a convenient necessity to install a mount and use your phone hands-free while driving. Phone mounts, including wireless charging ones are also invaluable at home and in the office, or in your home office or home classroom.

Protect, view, use hands free, and charge your valuable new iphone with one (or more) of these innovative, elegant, and hard-working mounts from Scosche:

MagicGrip Wireless Fast Charging Auto-Grip Mount

The MagicGrip Wireless Fast Charging Auto-Grip Mount is available in a choice of six bases, which work in-vehicle, home or office and come with a car fast charger. When your Qi-enabled iPhone is aligned over the Qi-charging surface, MagicGrip’s arms automatically close and hold securely. This Qi-sensing closure ensures perfect placement for optimum charging. Qi-certified, the MagicGrip supports Apple Fast Charge. A channel between the iPhone and charging head allows heated air to disperse and be replaced by cooler air for cooler charging. The Vent base model of MagicGrip has a unique patent-pending FreeFlow design that features an articulating swing-arm and open base that never blocks airflow form the vent.

Extendo Telescoping Phone Mounts for in-vehicle, home or office use, have a telescoping arm that adjusts from 5 inches to 8.5 inches with 220-degrees of angle adjustment, so your phone comes to you instead of having to reach. For in-vehicle use Extendo mounts to the window or dash and the arm and head adjust to suit either the driver or passenger, without moving the base. For home use, attach Extendo to a countertop or backsplash to view a recipe or facetime with a friend. In the office attach the base to a desktop, away from your computer and then extend it when you need to use your phone. The Extendo range includes magnetic, universal grip, and wireless charging options.

Scosche recently introduced Cup holder Mounts that adjust to fit any cup holder and safely hold your phone for hands free use while you drive. They are available in universal, magnetic and power hub versions, with wireless charging models coming soon.

BaseLynx Modular Charging System

Last but definitely not least, is the customizable BaseLynx Modular Charging System.You can build your BaseLynx system to organize, display, store and charge all your devices including iPhones, iPads, AirPod charging cases, and all series of the Apple Watch. With the modules connected, it uses one power source so there are no tangled wires. You can use the modules individually or connected, and if you get a new device, just add a module. Currently there are modules with Qi-certified wireless charging, MFi-certified Magnetic Watch charging, a vertical charging module with USB-A and USB-C ports and a powered endcap with USB-A and USB-C ports. BaseLynx is the perfect solution for home, office, dorm, RV, or wherever there are people and their portable devices.

The BaseLynx White Modular Charging System and the MagicGrip Wireless Charging FreeFlow Vent Mount are available at and at select Apple Stores worldwide. BaseLynx Black (shown above) and all the accessories mentioned above are available at and at select retailers.

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