KENWOOD Ships Fully Complete LED Illuminated Marine / Motorsports Speakers

LONG BEACH, CA (10.08.2020) – KENWOOD USA is “lighting up” your outdoor music experience, releasing their highly anticipated 6-1/2” 4-ohm LED illuminated marine/motorsports speakers. Available in white or black, the KFC-1673MRWL (white) and KFC-1673MRBL (black) both have a MAP of $199.95.


These speakers are boasting with elegant style and performance, enticing users with a “fully complete” package.  They feature options to suit marine and off-road environments as well as built-in LED lighting to enhance the wow factor. As an added perk, KENWOOD is including an RF (non-directional) remote control at no additional charge, of which can control the LED’s from up to 98 feet away.


Both speakers feature waterproof polypropylene cones and UV resistant grilles. They offer your choice of 21 different illumination colors, 8 patterns of brightness and speed, as well as 21 dynamic lighting mode patterns. You can easily connect up to 6 pairs and synchronize them together, leaving you plenty of options to cover a large vessel or off-road UTV. The newly designed speakers will also be able to handle up to 260 watts of maximum power (75 watts RMS) to allow users to really crank up the volume, delivering quality sound at an audible level in outdoor environments.

“When speaking to our dealers, a common theme resonated with various LED marine/motorsports speakers on the market – many simply aren’t offered in a complete package,” said Mike Roberts, KENWOOD VP of Sales & Marketing.  “Taking a standard marine/motorsports speaker and proposing the sale of additional parts like LED lights and a remote control is confusing to customers and requires unnecessary added installation time.  These speakers are fully complete and ready to shine!”

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