Brandmotion’s Curb Alert Puts the Brakes on Parking Disasters

SOUTHFIELD, MI (09.30.2020) – Sports car owners love the low ride, the hug of the road, the connection to the pavement. What they don’t love is parking. Parking often means pulling up, getting out, checking curb distance, jumping back in, pulling up a bit more, and getting out again to check. It dampens the driving experience that a luxury or sports car should give.

The worst sound a sports car or luxury car owner can hear is the CRUNCH of a front bumper against an unseen curb or parking block. Front end damage on sports and luxury cars can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

Brandmotion can deliver problem-free parking that lives up to the driving experience.

Problem-Free Parking
Brandmotion’s patented Curb Alert Parking System can protect drivers from ever crunching or scraping their front bumpers while parking. Curb Alert is an infrared parking sensor that alerts drivers of low-lying obstructions that can cause costly damage to the vehicle.

The system senses curbs, parking blocks, and any low-lying object on the ground that you can’t see. The device gives an audible alert when you approach an object within range. Sensitivity can be adjusted from as little as 12 inches to a maximum of 30 inches.

Curb Alert simply hooks into power and ground. Depending on the model, it actuates a camera or audible alert when you approach an object.

Quit Fretting About Parking
Having Curb Alert is like owning an affordable insurance policy on your luxury or sports car’s front end – on most newer vehicles, the parking sensor pays for itself the first time it saves your bumper. Once you have the system, it’s hard to drive the vehicle without it, because it’s so convenient.

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