Audioworks of Delaware Sees Continuing Sales from OC Jeep Week

NEWARK, DE (09.08.2020) – Audioworks of Delaware joined KICKER and Opus Marketing in Ocean City, MD for Jeep Week 2020 August 27th-30th. KICKER was the Title Sponsor of Jeep Week 2020. However, due to COVID-19 travel limitations, KICKER was not able to have the same onsite presence with the XRV and staff as in past years of sponsoring the event.

The Audioworks of Delaware and Opus Marketing Teams under the main Kicker tent after setup.

Opus Marketing is the Kicker rep firm in the area and partnered with key dealer Audioworks of Delaware to maintain KICKER’s Livin’Loud presence as the Title Sponsor of OC Jeep for 4 years running.

Darren Thomas, Audioworks of Delaware owner, with the Matt Matheson standup. Due to COVID-19 travel limitations Matheson, KICKER Northeastern Regional, could not attend in person. The Opus Team commissioned the great standup.

“Audioworks of Delaware is located in Newark Delaware which is 115 miles from Ocean City. Darren Thomas, Audioworks owner, knows the value of connecting with consumers and especially Jeepers in the area. We put a plan in place to work OC Jeep Week together and it turned out very well…even though the weather knocked out the last day and a half of the 4-day event” Jamie White, Opus Marketing firm Principal related.

The Audioworks of Delaware Team Kyle Kessler, Tim Foltz and Darren Thomas (L to R) with Matt. Pete Herr from Audioworks could not be in the shot.

Thomas stated “It was a big step to take staff and inventory to Ocean City during a very busy time at the store. It turned out very well and could have been even better if the weather had cooperated. KICKER supplied 5 tents for our booth and onsite installation setup. Inventory was also made available to drive sales. We had a plan in place that offered after the event specials for attendees also. That plan generated strong sales the week following OC Jeep Week at our store.”

As long as the weather was good, the KICKER  installation tents were filled with Jeeps.

Audioworks of Delaware staff onsite included Thomas, Kyle Kessler, Tim Foltz and Pete Herr. The Opus Marketing Team onsite was comprised of White, Bruno Berg, Chuck Ottati and Todd Ess. A special standup was created for Matt Matheson and was in the booth. Matheson is the KICKER Northeast Regional who remained at KICKER HQ in Stillwater, OK.

The Opus Team by the Audioworks pickup. Chuck Ottati, Bruno Berg, Todd Ess and Jamie White (L to R).

Continuing Thomas stated “We worked very well with the Opus Team. It was kind of a competition as we all worked to drive sales and get everything done. The vibe at the event was very good. We do a number of Classic Car Shows in the area and connecting with the Jeep crowd is always a lot of fun. Exhibiting at OC Jeep Week turned out to be a very good investment. We thank KICKER and Opus Marketing for the opportunity.”

A stormy Saturday morning with strong winds and rain lead to an early end to the 4-Day 2020 Jeep Week.

White concluded “OC Jeep Week turned out very well even though the weather messed up tents and cut the event short. We look forward to OC Jeep Week 2021.”

Great to see KICKER and the Opus Marketing rep firm working side by side with retailer Audioworks of Delaware to create consumer awareness and drive sales. Hat’s off to KICKER, Opus Marketing and Audioworks of Delaware.

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