PowerBass Shipping New OE-400 4″ Mid-Range BOSE Drop in Replacement

ONTARIO, CA (09.04.2020) – PowerBass noticed a lack of a good replacement option for one of the most troublesome speakers for installers and DIY’ers to effectively replace without removing entire enclosures or using oversized or mis matched impedance speakers.

No highs no lows? Then look no further than our OE-400 BOSE replacement speaker to wake up the audio in your late model vehicle or simply replace one that has worn from ages of use.

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To stand the test of time but also maintain the best possible sound, they utilized a treated pressed paper cone, with a nylon accordion style surround. This keeps the sonic nuances similar for the application while utilizing a stronger motor structure and fine tuning of the OE-400 also brings out more of the sound you have been missing from your late model OEM system.

Utilizing a 2-OHM voice coil the OE Series is engineered to work in some late model and most modern vehicles where a lower OHM rating is required. This lower impedance will make more efficient use of your OEM amplifier’s power with a perfect match.

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