CPS DISTRIBUTORS, INC. to Present Marine Sport Lighting Solutions at IBEX 2020 Virtual Show

KANSAS CITY, MO. (09.04 2020) – CPS Distributors, Inc. will be showcasing a solid core mix of marine lighting products from Marine Sport Lighting, an upcoming and popular brand amongst the marine industry over the last 3-4 years. CPS first partnered with Marine Sport Lighting in 2019 and made their first debut with the brand at IBEX 2019 in Tampa Bay. Last years show produced several good prospects that helped CPS’s initial traction with the brand and let boat builders know they had a full spectrum lighting line up to service their projects, both big and small.

Marine Sport Lighting is best known in the industry for their phenomenal line up of marine grade professional light bars used for high power vision on dark waterways. Their light bars are high quality with a line up of a variety of lengths, styles, and beam pattern options for spot or flood. Included in this popular family of products are some great docking and spreader lights on the auxiliary side.

Marine Sport Lighting is making headway in the underwater category as well with their popular and fast growing HydroBLAST family of lights. The HydroBLAST family is a la carte and gives you an option between remote and smartphone controlled, with various colors and finishes in deck lighting, and an amazing array of high lumen underwater lights. For more information about this lighting system, please contact CPS or Marine Sport Lighting for more information.

Lastly, this company has many other great marine lighting solutions, led switches, voltage gauges and more. In 2021, be on the look out for a revolutionary new docking light designed by their engineers in conjunction with a yet to be named boat manufacturer in our industry. There is some other great new products on the horizon as well to look for at the  IBEX Virtual Show.

Visit racesportinc.com/marine-sport-lighting.html and cpsdistributorsinc.com for more.