DS18 Said ‘We Like It Loud’ At The Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion

PIGEON FORGE, TN (08.27.2020) – DS18 had a major presence on the grounds at the Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion Thursday through Saturday, August 20th-22nd. The 3 big red DS18 tents, with the Big Bad Wolf highlighted, drew a big crowd of Jeepers throughout the event…despite the rain and winds. On Friday, strong winds sent some vendor tents into the air.

With the DS18 red tents, lower left, this image shows the scope of the outdoor area.

Rob Ferro, Mr DS18, along with Hery spent the days showing attendees all the latest from DS18. Jeep Gladiators and Wranglers, from DS18 Jeep Fans, also added to the excitement under the DS18 tents.

There was always a crowd around the DS18 booth with many Jeepers taking shots with their smartphones of the great demo vehicle installations.

Ferro relayed “Reports from the Jeep Invasion promoters said there were over 9000 Jeeps at the event. The total attendance was reported to top 20,000. In addition to the huge area outside, where DS18 was set up, the Le Conte Center was filled with vendors in the 100,000 foot facility.”

Even at night Jeepers could tell DS18 was saying “We Like It Loud.”

Continuing, Ferro offered “There was such a great vibe at the event. We worked with people in the booth to maintain social distancing and most understood. Quite a number of Jeepers in the booth commented about the design of our pods and the DS18 RGB lighting. All said that DS18 was the best.”

Rob Ferro-Mr DS18, surrounded by show stopping demos, embodied the great vibe at the Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion.

DS18 was front and center at after show events too. All in all it was quite a journey for the DS18 crew as they drove the DS18 pickup, with Jeeps on a trailer, the 968 miles from Miami FL to Pigeon Forge, TN.

The journey to the Jeep Invasion was normal, but mechanical truck issues caused delays on the return to DS18 HQ in Miami.

Concluding, Ferro offered on a Facebook post “So I have been driving for 2 days and haven’t had an opportunity to thank everyone for the tremendous support and for those that drove hundreds of miles to show us your Jeeps and amazing builds. The energy you gave us is out of this galaxy. We are proud to have each and every one of you on our team. You are the best.”

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