Accele Electronics Offers Touchless Switching for Virus Protection

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (08.11.2020) – Accele Electronics has announced its first product in the emerging “Personal Safety” category, The HMS200T Hand Motion Switch. The HMS200T is a unique product for those concerned about virus protection and offering their customers the latest technology in switches. Our HMS200T is the perfect solution for Fleet Vehicles, Project Vehicles, Vans, Buses and Limousines and anyone concerned about the spread of virus during this Pandemic of Covid-19.

Like the latest OE Infotainment systems, activating the switch is as easy as waving your hand or a finger in front of the switch. For maximum user flexibility it has an adjustable range from 2 – 8 inches. Also adjustable is a “momentary mode” with adjustable 0.5 to 20 second pulse output and a toggle On/Off mode. The unit’s Red or Green LEDs can also be connected to a Car Alarm’s LED wire.

This switch can be used to upgrade all your existing switches from a standard push switch to a high-tech touchless switch. Typical uses are Fog or Driving Lights, Alarm Valet Mode, Actuators etc. Any vehicles with multiple drivers carrying multiple passengers on a daily basis are perfect candidates for these switches, Limos, Buses, Forklifts, Golf Carts are just some of the many applications.

Accele’s HMS200T switches are available for immediate shipment, call your Accele Representative for special introductory pricing and further information.

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