Impact Tint and Audio Hosts Successful MOPARS and Ram Club Event

TYLER, TX (07.31.2020) – MOPARS of East Texas and Texas Ram Club were spotlighted during an event on Saturday, July 25th, hosted by Impact Tint and Audio. The company store’s lot on the Loop in Tyler was packed with nearly 40 vehicles from the clubs members. There were also vehicles parked in front of the adjacent business.

Vehicles were spotted throughout the lot during the Impact Tint and Audio event.
Event vehicles flowed next door to the Floor Works store.

Graeme Wyatt, who operates the family business, related “We do a lot of work for members of both of these clubs. Since MOPARS of East Texas and Texas Ram Club members drive vehicles from the same “family” all thought it was a super idea to show together at the same event. My Mother and Father, along with my girlfriend, had a great day spending time checking out all the rides and taking with folks about what they could add to their rides.”

It was a family event and mothers and children spent time in the air conditioning of the showroom. A food truck was on site to offer treats and refreshments under a hot, sunny Texas summer sky.

Members of MOPARS of East Texas and the Texas Ram Club parked wherever they could find space.
Impact tent and audio fronts on the very busy loop in Tyler. All of the vehicles on the lot drew a tremendous amount of attention to this proactive 12volt retailer.

“During the day we made several sales and wrote a number of quotes for tint and lighting jobs. I do a lot of custom acrylic work with the the CNC in the shop and talked to several people about projects they had in mind” Wyatt added.

Decked Ram trucks grabbed eyeballs.
Inside the store families could stay cool their children while all of the action was going on outside.

During the day one of the store’s past customers related a story about a recent accident. The Impact Tint and Audio Team had installed a dash cam that captured an accident. Their customer was able to document the accident to show he was in the right.

“All of the people at our event are proud of their rides and have big investments. The story about how the dash cam came into play for our customer got a lot of attention” Wyatt added.

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