Accele Electronics Provides a “Shock to the System”

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (07.31.2020) – Accele Electronics has announced its newest enhancement for vehicles with OE Security systems and a great way to upgrade existing customers vehicles. Introducing the Accele RS200 Programmable Shock Sensor, an easy addition for Retailers and Expeditors to attach an accessory sale, even if it’s a Tint or Audio Customer.

“Our RS200 Shock Sensor is programmable for Negative or Positive Output, and Output Time (.5 – 6 seconds) allowing the matching of OE input trigger and time,” stated Brian Paille, National Sales Manager, Accele Electronics.

“It features an Accessory input to disable the Shock Sensor while driving and an extra port is available for enabling the easy addition of other sensors such as Glass or Microwave without any rewiring. Most new vehicles are equipped with basic security systems that lack total protection, including damage from vandalism. Many of these vehicles frequent the shops of 12 Volt Specialists or Expeditors to purchase accessories or services such as Tinting, Wrapping, Audio Upgrades, Safety Systems, Leather etc. These vehicles often leave with only the service originally requested or purchased. Our RS200 is an easy attachment sale for those vehicles with basic Factory Security systems and adds little install time to the job,” added Brian Paille.

Paille continued, “Most consumers are under a “False Sense of Security” They think because the vehicle has a “Security System” in it that they’re covered. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been visiting a client  or even when I worked in retail Myself, a customer would come in because their car got broken into all of the items inside the car had disappeared (i.e. purse, phones, radios, wallet, ETC) and the consumer would say  “I can’t believe the alarm never went off.” …This is an affordable upgrade to any consumers car that will give them more full protection. Because, what the factory puts in …only “Secures”  the car NOT the personal articles in it.”

Accele’s RS200 is available for immediate shipment, call your Accele Representative for special introductory pricing and further information.

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