DS18 Releases JK and JKU Bolt On Panels for Jeep

The wait is over. JK jeepers now have the option to get loud on a level never heard before in their Jeeps with our JK door panel pods. This complete set covers all 4 doors, includes high performance midrange speakers and high range tweeters with glowing LEDs on all four. This package includes pods, speakers, tweeters, wiring kit, and our very own LED controller to get you setup with super loud sound and great looks.

 Included are four DS18 panels designed for one 6.5 midrange and 1 tweeter per panel. The speakers we selected for this combo are come of our best sounding waterproof speakers available, the Pro-SM6.2 series which retain all the pro audio characters you would expect but also has a waterproof face so it deflects any moisture that comes in contact with it. To complete the range of frequencies we also added the Pro-TW2L tweeter that also has bright RGB LEDS inside the clear housing so you can change the tweeters colors to any mood in color scheme you can imagine.

Each panel also has a DS18 logo that also has RGB LEDS in it and are an amazing aesthetic touch to each piece. The kit also includes the amp to power everything, in this case the Atom 4 and the LED BTC (RGB LED) controller that is the brain for all the lighting in your vehicle. All the RGBS are easily controlled with our downloadable DS18 LED BTC app on apply or google app stores. We include a wiring kit that completes the setup and makes everything easily installable.

Front and Back Combo
Front Door Panel Pair
Rear Door Panel Pair

Mr. DS18 (Rob Ferro) is ecstatic to be a big part of these JK and JKU pods coming to the market. As our Promotional Manager and Jeep expert, he is fine tuned with everything Jeep and has been asked for this solution to the missing link in Jeep audio for quite some time. These panels can be bought as a combo or bought in pairs empty if you want a different selection of DS18 Speakers.

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