Alpine Electronics Now Shipping the KTA-200M Mono Power Pack Amplifier

AUBURN HILLS, MI (07.28.2020) - Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. is now shipping the KTA-200M Mono Power Pack Amplifier. Utilizing the compact Power Pack design, the KTA-200M mounts behind the iLX-W650 7-inch Mech-Less Audio/Video Receiver to become Alpine’s newest PowerStack product.

A Simple Way to Add Bass

In 2018, Alpine introduced the KTA-450 4-Channel Power Pack Amplifier with PowerStack and it took the industry by storm. Customers loved how easy it was to add four channels of Dynamic Peak Power (D.P.P) to their iLX-W650 without the bulk of a traditional amplifier.

Through extensive research, Alpine found that many of these customers dedicated their budget to upgrade their sound system with a subwoofer – an upgrade that provides the most audible impact – so they required an amplifier solution that provided an easy avenue to add more bass.

With the highest performance value on the market, the KTA-200M is perfect for the customer looking for a quick and easy bass upgrade. The small footprint of the KTA-200M allows the amplifier to be mounted directly to the shallow chassis of the iLX-W650 for an easy, hideaway solution that provides the customer with a clear path to add bass to their sound system.

Reliable Performance

The KTA-200M features Alpine’s exclusive Dynamic Peak Power (D.P.P.) technology that doubles in power during “dynamic” musical passages. D.P.P. adjusts the gain of the amplifier to produce 400-watts of D.P.P. power for clean and impactful bass and then rolls back to 200-watts dynamically to maintain long-term efficiency. The ratio of power to price is unmatched in the industry.

New to the Power Pack platform is the voltage adapting circuit. This circuit maintains maximum source level without clipping for powerful, clean bass even at high volumes and dynamic musical passages.

System Compatibility

The KTA-200M mounts directly behind Alpine’s iLX-W650 to create Alpine’s unique PowerStack application. The compact footprint of the amplifier (7-inch W x 1.5-inch H x 3.5-inch D) and the shallow chassis of the iLX-W650 (1.9-inch D) occupies the same depth as a traditional 2-DIN chassis, resulting in an easy, hideaway bass solution that adds more power to the sound system without taking up space.

The simple attachment to the iLX-W650 allows the mobile electronics specialist to provide a total system package for the customer that simplifies the installation process, making it a cost-effective upgrade for the customer.

The KTA-200M has input capability to add the RUX-KNOB.2 Remote Bass Control Knob (sold separately). The remote bass knob controls the bass in the subwoofer by adjusting the gain on the amplifier for quick bass adjustments when needed. 

The KTA-200M is now shipping for $249.95 and will be available at Alpine Authorized retailers or online at through Crutchfield. Installation options can be found on the Alpine-USA website through the store locator.

Tech specs:

7” x 1.5” x 3.5”
Alpine’s Class D Amplifier Circuit w/ Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) 
200W x 1 RMS (4Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) 
200W x 1 RMS (2Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) 
400W x 1 DPP (4Ω/2Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) 
S/N >80dB (ref. 1W into 4Ω) 
THD+N ≤0.1% (ref. 10W into 2Ω) 
Single-side 22-pin connector 
RCA inputs (Low range=0.2-4V) 
Sound controls; Crossovers-Off/60Hz/80Hz/120Hz Linkwitz Riley LP Filter @ -24dB/Oct. (selectable); Input gain setting (variable) 

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