Remembering Larry ‘Lars of Mars’ Milboer

DELRAY BEACH, FL (07.23.2020) – Sad news – Industry veteran and proponent, Larry Milboer suddenly died at his home, in Delray Beach, Florida over the July 4th weekend. Everyone who had attended the Spring Break Nationals over its 32 years, will recognize and remember Larry, aka “Lars of Mars,” as the show’s emcee. Milboer took the stage, entertaining attendees, holding contests, creating a fun environment, issuing thousands of dollars of car audio gear and swag every year. He also emceed the Pizza Eating Contests and the infamous SBN Bikini Contest. Repeat SBN revelers came to the event, asking if “Lars” was present, opting for a chance to win prizes.

Recently retired, Larry’s role in Mobile Electronics was that of a Sales Representative. Milboer had worked for two different Florida Distributors, and performed International Sales for Directed Electronics. Milboer’s candor was always frank, to the point, pleasant and cheerful. He would always go “above the call”, serving his clients with thorough and timely product information, sales tips and training doing anything he could do to stimulate his client’s sales.

Longtime friend Paul Papadeas contributed these poignant words and thoughts.