5-Axis SoundBar Display Drives Sales at Stereo Innovations

MILWAUKEE, WI / WAYNESILLE, NC (07.23.2020) – The PowerSports category is strong with 12volt retailers across the US…and that’s no secret. Just after July 4th an Instagram post popped up @5axisinnovations featuring a PowerSports SoundBar display designed for 12volt retail showrooms. That had been a secret. We reached out to Jody Culbertson for details.

This is the SoundBar concept was completed at 5-Axis Innovations HQ in Milwaukee, WI.

Culbertson related “A while ago I had a concept of creating a PowerSports SoundBar display for 12volt retailers. Recently, and coincidentally, one of my customers Michael Medford called and wanted a SoundBar display. I told him that was funny as I already had the design for that type of display. Stereo Innovations was that customer. We put his logo on the display and mounted two Memphis Audio SoundBars we had in the shop. We added blue Race Sport Lighting LED’s for a halo affect that matched the lighting of the displays we previously created for his store. We wired up the 30 amp power supply, built a shipping box, and shipped it. Learning that Mike had sales success the first day he put the display up in his store was such super news.”

Michael Medford gives a big thumbs up as he stands next to SoundBar Display in his Stereo Innovations store in Waynesville, NC.

The 5Axis SoundBar display arrived at Stereo Innovations on Friday, July 13th. Medford and team mounted the display that day.

The SoundBar Display mounted on the wall is 39”W and 36”T. The blue halo, created by Race Sport Lighting LED’s, draws attention on the showroom floor.

“We had prepared a spot on a showroom wall and the display took only 15 minutes to mount on the wall. The minute it went live the blue halo lighting grabbed all’s attention. In fact, the first day we sold 2 Memphis Audio SoundBars from demos on the display. It is so cool as customers can sync their smartphones with a Bluetooth SoundBar and actually listen to their favorite tunes as they stand in front of the display” Medford commented.

The 5-Axis SoundBar display features an “in the seat…on the trail” graphic complete with UTV dashboard. The display is mounted at a specific height so as customers stand in front of the display, and listen to their favorite tunes, they really have the sense they are riding on their favorite trail.
“We are excited about our new SoundBar display. We have a number of options and would welcome the opportunity to create one of these exciting displays for your company” Culbertson concluded.

Visit 5axisinnovations.com for more.