dB Drag Racing and XS Power in Knoxville, TN

AUSTIN, TX (07.16.2020) – The COVID-19 Pandemic has literally turned the world upside down over the last several months. The car audio competition scene as well.

Sundown Straw Hats helped Derrick Haddock, Sam Dunn and Hank Veach beat the Knoxville heat.
Father and Son, Thomas Greenage and son, are proud of the Tennessee shaped trophy.

“dB Drag Racing would like to thank the competitors for getting out in the lanes and sponsors for hosting events during this unprecedented time” Celise and Wayne Harris related.

The XS Power show drew a great crowd of car stereo enthusiast in Knoxville, TN the weekend of July 11th. “Thanks to the crew at XS Power for hosting the event. Many competitors have been working on their builds for the past several months and have been anxious to compete and put some numbers on the leaderboard” Wayne Harris stated.

This competitors blue van is loaded with Soundstream and Precision Power amps along with a bank of XS Power batteries.
dB Drag Racing July Calendar

There are 6 dB Drag Racing events scheduled for the weekend of July 18-19 in: Florida, Tennessee, Alberta Canada, Russia, Italy and Czech Republic. This will be the first dB Drag show of the 2020 season for some of the international events, including Russia, Italy and Czech Republic. Currently, most countries have not allowed public gatherings at this time but everyone is hopeful events will open up soon.

Thomas Greenage and dB Drag Racing Judge Jereme Creamer are getting set for this run.
LEFT: 2 guys on hood of blue Honda: Shawn Mayo and Matt Holloran say XS Power Batteries are Number 1.
RIGHT: Kyle Eberle’s Pink and Gray Camo Car is definitely one of a kind.

Please check the dB Drag Racing event calendar for the most up to date event listings! Click here to view.

Visit 4xspower.com and dbdragracing.com for more.