CelsusUK Delivers Dynamat Sonic and Thermal Solutions Across the UK and Europe

POOLE DORSET, UK (07.16.2020) – As the COVID-19 eases across the UK and Europe the car audio season is on the rebound. Mark Baker, CelsusUK Director stated “June was a good month and we feel all is headed in the right direction”

On Tuesday, July 14th,  this container from Dynamat is being delivered to the CelsusUK warehouse in Poole Dorset UK.

A container of Dynamat just arrived at the CelsusUK warehouse. Once the pallets hit the warehouse floor orders were being filled and headed out the door. “We immediately started shipping Dynamat orders to dealers in the UK plus across Europe including orders to Norway, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands and more” Baker continued.

Josh Baker readies products to fill orders from Dynamat container that just arrived.

CelsusUK had been distributing Dynamat for 10 years and is now recognized as Dynamat Europe. Beth Miranda, Dynamat Managing Director, related to 12volt News “The Baker family with Paul, Mark, Josh and their Team have been terrific partners. They represent the Dynamat brand extremely well and work to grow the mobile electronics industry across Europe. In addition they present Dynamat in the home, marine and OE markets extremely well”

Concluding, Baker stated “On average we receive a container from Dynamat each month. As a company they are great partners. When we exhibit at shows, like the Marine Show in Amsterdam, dealers from across Europe know the brand and appreciate the solid sonic and thermal products they bring to the market”

CelsusUK also Kicker, JL Audio, MTX Audio, Calearo and Caliber across the UK and Europe.

Visit celsusice.co.uk and dynamat.com for more.