The 12volt STP Tool Snap.Txt.Presto

THE 12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (07.13.2020) – The 12volt STP tool was created to provide a vehicle for industry members to MAX the visibility their activities. In light of the current COVID-19 Pandemic positive industry news and visibility is more important than ever across the marketplace.

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A manufacturer representative, or vendor staff member, could MAX their time on the road by Snapping and Txt’ing an image to the 12volt Central Studios. Presto… that image could be fashioned as a post to let a rep’s dealers know an area distributor is doing well with one of their lines. That post could highlight a dealer with a great in-store display that could give other dealers an idea to drive more business.

Another possibility for the 12volt STP Tool could be a company HQ tour. We can work with a company’s HQ staff member to develop a list of images including HQ exterior, entry way, conference room, training area, testing facility, warehouse and shipping area. Utilizing new technology in this way touches a lot of bases. A dealer in Oregon could tour the DS18 facility in south Florida.

A resent post, utilizing images supplied by Keith Selby-Cardinal Sales, showcased the great looking Audio Source store in Columbus IN. Selby was traveling with Kenwood Regional Dave Hill in the territory. An additional benefit was highlighting the Kenwood flash drive Selby handed to Matt Murray loaded with Kenwood training videos and information.

The images shown below, of the super Audio Source store in Columbus IN, were supplied by Keith Selby-Cardinal Sales.

Believe me, I do have an understanding of today’s marketplace. The good news is 12volt retailers and distributors for the most part had a record second quarter. The business year is like a football game with 4 quarters. The 12volt industry, as a whole, is ahead at halftime in 2020.

Now for the second half of the 2020 game that is challenged by so many variables storm clouds if you will. That high volume of first half 2020 business, fueled in a major way by government stimulus checks, is already putting a strain on the vendor supply. The national news reports the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to create major disruptions across the U.S. economy. Manufacturer representatives, and factory staff members, in many cases are still unable to travel as usual. Unemployment is still high and consumers spent their stimulus money in the first half.

The 12volt industry is already well into the month of July. Let’s play smart in the second half with a solid game plan….and keep our eye on the ball.

On this end we will continue to showcase positives across the 12volt industry… across the U.S. and beyond.

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