The 12Volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Is Rolling in 2020 with JBL

SHREVEPORT, LA (07.06.2020) – WTF… Win This Friday. The 12volt Spin-to-Win Wheel was created to bring an element of fun to the 12volt industry. Seven months ago we celebrated the first anniversary of the weekly 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel.

JBL has a space on the wheel and several retailers across the industry are enjoying JBL prizes in their stores. The latest JBL winner on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel was Intense Car Audio in Oklahoma City OK. Rene Rodriguez was the JBL Clip3 winner on the 82nd spin on June 26th. Shawn Spedding at JBL sent the Clip3 right out to the winner who received the JBL prize on July 2nd. “The Clip3 is really cool and I received it just in time for some 4th of July fun” Rodriguez related to

A happy Rene Rodriguez in the Intense Car Audio showroom in OKC with his JBL Clip3 and JBL koozies from Spin-To-Win number 82.

Spedding, Director of Sales-Mobile Aftermarket, relayed “At Harman JBL we are committed to supporting 12volt News and the 12volt Spin-To-Win program. In a time where it is easy to get distracted it’s great to see 12volt News and the dealers remaining focused and engaged in our industry. Keep on spinning and we’ll continue to support.”

New prizes from JBL on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel are the JBL WIND2 and the JBL CLICK. These are 2 new exciting Bluetooth enabled on-the-go products that will make a winner very happy.

The JBL WIND2 and JBL CLICK are 2 new prizes available on future spins of the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel.

The list of JBL prize winners continues to grow. Intense Car Audio joins past winners including Markland Designs, Traffic Jamz, Earmark Car Audio and Marine, Audio Depot and SK Customs Car Audio as past JBL 12volt Spin-To-Win prize winners.

WTF… Where’s the Fun. On the next spin of the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Friday, July 10th. One lucky 12volt retailer could win one of the cool new JBL prizes when the next wheel spins.

Intense Car Audio was the Winner of Spin-To-Win 82 on June 26th. The Wheel landed on JBL space and Rene Rodriguez is enjoying his JBL Clip3 over 4th of July weekend.

Want to enter for future spins? It’s easy-when making an Instagram post for your store include the hashtag #12voltspin to make sure your company has a slip in the jar. There are over 1100 #12voltspin posts on Instagram.

With 18 chances to WIN, the 12Volt Spin-To-Win Wheel is ready to shower a lucky weekly winner with one of the cool prizes.

Stay tuned to on the web and @12voltnews on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for 12volt Spin-To-Win winner announcements every Friday!