Scrapin’ the Coast 2020 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

BILOXI, MS (06.29.2020) – The 2020 Scrapin’ the Coast event filled the Gulf Coast Coliseum and surrounding grounds the weekend June 26th thru 28th in Biloxi MS. A large enthusiastic crowd is checked out hundreds of rides, exhibits and vendors.

DS18 was setup on the Gulf Coast Coliseum grounds with a number of Team demo vehicles.

The DS18 Team was on site with Mr.DS18 Rob Ferro and a large contingent including The Limitless Lithium Gorilla, GROUNDPOUND Boombox and El Fuego crews. Ferro offered “We made so many demos on Saturday and Sunday. Members of the crowd outside were really drawn to the demo vehicles we had setup outside. The all learned that at DS18 ‘We Like It Loud’ for sure”

“I am so excited to have been awarded the ‘Best of Show Full Size Truck at Scrapin’ the Coast 2020. Winning Best of Show is like Boom”!

Also on the grounds outside Pro Audio Center from Richland MS was set up demoing the company’s RAM pickup loaded with Kicker Gear. Payton Ham was behind the wheel. Pro Audio Center is located just over 150 miles north of Biloxi and this was an opportunity to show the company’s creativity to area enthusiasts.

Performance Audio, in Brookhaven MS, showed the company’s great work in a Chevy Pickup just outside the Coliseum. The custom console in Nick Brooks demo showcased very creative work that was highlighted by eye catching lighting in the cockpit.

Rob Ferro, MR.DS18 said “We saw so many friends running DS18 and did so many demos on Saturday and Sunday.

Mike Barcia’s NOCOMPROMIZEDUALLY was positioned up front on the Gulf Coast Coliseum floor and drew raves from attendees around the large booth. Barcia offered “The show was really busy. We have been on the floor at Scrapin’ the Coast a few years. It’s always a great time. The Beach cruising was the best. Scrapin’ the Coast never disappoints.”

Pro Audio Center in Richland MS made the trip to Biloxi with Payton Ham behind the wheel to show the company RAM loaded with Kicker gear.

Across the 12volt industry there are continuing reports indicating 12volt retailers are having record sales months. Distributors are slammed with business and there are rising product shortages from vendors. Manufacturer rep firms are beginning to travel their territories in certain areas of the U.S.

The Performance Audio, Brookhaven MS, Chevy highlighted the company’s creativity for attendees with a great custom console with eye catching lighting. Hats off to Nick Brooks.

Scrapin’ the Coast is an example that the overall marketplace has a desire to return to normal. Against the above backdrop the number of COVID-19 cases is rising again. Professional baseball training camps have closed and the MLB season may only be 60 games. The NBA has plans to kick of a shortened season in July at the ESPN Disney complex in Orlando. Members of top college football teams, along with pro teams, have tested positive for the CORONA-19 virus.

Mike Barcia’s NOCOMPROMIZEDUALLY was positioned up front on the Coliseum floor.

WTF… What’s The Future? Day by Day, from the 12volt Central Studios, we will strive to highlight positives across the 12volt industry. We trust others will do they same in all business segments, organizations and personally. Please be safe, courteous of others and practice social distancing.

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