Lordstown Motors Charges into Electric Truck Fray with Endurance

This article was written for TheDetroitBureau.com by Michael Strong.

DETROIT, MI (06.26.2020) – After months of making noise about the progress of its electric pickup truck, Lordstown Motors rolled out the Endurance and instantly put a charge into the growing segment, claiming it will be first to market.

“People are starting to believe in electric,” Lordstown CEO Steve Burns said at the event. “We’re going to beat everyone to market.”

The new Endurance electric pickup made a red, white and blue debut.

The event, held at the plant the company purchased from General Motors and featured an appearance by Vice President Mike Pence, was a red, white and blue affair with the truck rolling onto the stage in front of a large American flag.

Burns will be in a fight with Tesla, which is accelerating the production timeframe for its uniquely styled Cybertruck – which also has at least 250,000 reservations in hand, and others like Rivian and Nikola on the “underdog” front as well as the aforementioned GM, which plans to have its GMC Hummer and its eye-popping performance stats, and Ford’s electric F-Series all out in the market in the next 18 to 24 months.

Unlike its competition, Lordstown aims to sell the Endurance to fleets and the commercial market. It comes in at $52,500, before government tax credits. It also uses four electric motors mounted on the hub of each wheel.

The new model will travel about 250 miles on a full charge, which averages out to about 75 mph, according to the company. Total power output is planned at 600 horsepower with a peak torque output of 4,400 pound-feet. It’s expected to tow 7,500 pounds.

The exterior of the new truck is clearly different from other gas-powered full-size pickups on the road, but it’s not as unusual as the previously mentioned Cybertruck. With the goal to sell them to the commercial market, the styling is best kept clean and simple.

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