The AutoTech Engineering Bass And Chill Meet June 14th

RIVERSIDE, CA (06.25.2020) – The recent AutoTech Engineering Bass and Chill Meet, along with a Car Show, at the company’s Riverside plant was a very bright spot on the car audio scene in Southern California. The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted daily lives across the state and U.S. The Sunday, June 14th, event was a chance for many car audio enthusiasts to get outside and enjoy their ‘sport.’ Over 185 vehicles were on the property and members of the crowd enjoyed showing off their rides…while keeping social distancing in mind.

The huge lot on the AutoTech Engineering property in Riverside CA was filled with vehicles and car audio enthusiasts.

Sam DeSantos, who orchestrated the event, stated, “It was terrific to see the huge turnout. This was our second event this year and enthusiasts from around the area really turned out. Chris Denardo, from Al&Eds in Escondido, helped get the word out and put together a raffle with great prizes that excited members of the crowd and helped local charities.”

Products from AutoTech, SoundStream, Cerwin Vega and SoundSkins brought smiles to raffle winners faces.

SoundstreamUSA, in Montebello, CA, got behind the event with their area Soundstream Team members. “We had a great turnout from the Soundstream Team with 15 vehicles onsite featuring full Soundstream systems,” Jordan Shahriary, Soundstream Social / Marketing Manager, stated.

SoundStream Team members numbered 15 at the event. This installation is amazing.
Chris Denardo’s Scion, loaded with Cerwin Vega from AlandEd’s in Escondido, was a top demo vehicle at the event.

Chris Denardo from the Al&Eds location in Escondido offered “People in the area turned out to breathe some fresh air, see friends and check out great systems at the event. We had an Al&Ed’s tent set up and drew a lot of traffic to the booth with the raffle along with my red Scion that is loaded. The winners of the great Cerwin Vega and SoundSkins raffle prizes were smiling from ear to ear. Our store in Escondido is maybe 70 miles away from AutoTech in Riverside but we have had people contacting us after the event.”

SoundSkins and Cerwin Vega prizes were awarded to these raffle winners.

Reisenauer Designs, with Chris, displayed his great acrylic creations at the event and added to the prizes raffled. “I do a lot to support car audio and BassHeads. People who display their systems are very creative and they appreciate the detail in my work.”

This acrylic Soundstream logo showcases the details in work from Reisenauer Designs.

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