Scrapin’ The Coast 2020 with DS18 and Limitless Lithium on the Gulf Coast

MIAMA GARDENS, FL (06.23.2020) – Coming like a freight train right into the new show season! DS18 and Limitless Lithium are the perfect combo for any enthusiast wanting to get the most bang for their bucks with the best designed equipment in the field.

Team DS18, lead by Rob Ferro-MR.DS18, will be in full force at Scrapin’ the Coast just like very year with their closest of kin in audio, Team Limitless! These two teams combined will no doubt blow away any COVID-19 that may be in the air with the massive amounts of cone area pushing hurricane force winds from these amazing manufacturer demo builds. Leading the limitless Team is Chris Allen, Matt Leisch, and Roy Rose who are prepared for a hot and windy day in Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The DS18 Big Bad Wolf and more will be Scrapin’ The Coast.

MR.DS18 himself will be there with his gang of amazing fully build audio Jeeps. Alongside will be a couple DS18’s newest dealers Kyle Wardwell and Sammy BOOBMOX Serrano. Both Kyle and Sammy will have their fully build audio Jeeps there showing off their amazing fabrication work and 100% DS18 equipment setups. These Jeeps define what pro audio is all about. The immense sound coming from these vehicles is as impressive as their sound quality. Also joining will be a plethora of other Team DS18 members and DS18 enthusiasts.

These DS18 and Limitless Lithium builds are nothing like people have ever seen and are guaranteed to LITERALLY blow all away. Just between the Limitless Gorilla and Ground Pound, there is a combined 180,000 watts of goose bump making high powered pro audio sound! These two vehicles alone can stop breaths, shatter windshields, and make people squirm when the massive 165+ DB bass moves through their body. These vehicles are not just about the bass. Both are LOADED with DS18 Mids and Highs to compliment all that DS18 subwoofer bass and give an experience that rivals the Sydney Amphitheater!

See MR.DS18 and the Big Bad Wolf

This year will be an amazing experience at Scrapin’ The Coast. DS18 and all are ready to get back to normal and start all the summertime shows all have been missing!

Team Members of DS18 are driving across the country just to have a portion of WE LIKE IT LOUD to start this season with a GIANT BANG!

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