Elite Audio Hosted a Very Successful MECA Event

ATHENS, TN (06.22.2020) – Long-time MECA Retail Member, Elite Audio in Athens TN, hosted a MECA event at the Sweetwater Flea Market on Sunday May 31st. Elite Audio has hosted numerous events at this venue through the years.

MECA Members pitch in to help a fellow competitor get a big number on the meter.

Oran Barkley, Elite Audio owner and MECA 2018 SPL Street 5 World Champion stated “The Sweetwater Flea Market is just up the road from our store a few miles. We had a great event. Over 60 competition vehicles were in the lanes for MECA Show & Shine, SQL and SPL runs. In addition there were NSPL and Bass Outlaw competitors plus about 20 friends that just came to demo their rides. There was a lot of enthusiasm among competitors who were very happy to be back at a MECA event. We had competitors from Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia plus many from Tennessee.”

Oran Barkley was happy to see friends and competitors at the Sweetwater Flea Market.

Steve Stern, MECA Commish, offered “This was the first show for the East Tennessee/Virginia area and spectator turnout was especially good, and lots of enthusiasm. People were genuinely grateful to be back at a MECA event, able to see friends, show new builds, and lots of car audio gear.”

This amazing Chevy pickup was one of the ultra tricked rides on site at the event.

Continuing, Stern stated “Oran is a believer in hosting cost-effective, fun events that highlight his store plus the products and services he provides. He understands the sound-off competitors since he has been one for many years. Team O.S.C. is a testimony to the relationships he builds with his customers, who turn into friends as they travel and socialize at the events. This makes for loyal customers, and that’s really important to speciality car audio shops.”

The Odd Squad Custom Team was founded in 1995 as a low rider club.

Barkley started Team O.S.C. (Odd Squad Custom) in 1995 as a Low Rider Club for car shows. Through the years the marketplace has changed and now club members focus on car audio competitions and car shows.

Barkley related business has been strong during the COVID-19 pandemic with strong sales across the board in car audio, marine and side-by-side categories.

Concluding, Stern offered “Starting Monday, June 22nd, we will make daily posts on Facebook highlighting MECA Retail Members. The first post will be last year’s Team Of The Year, Team O.S.C. owned by Oran Barkley-Elite Audio and featured above.

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