DS18 Shipping New 1-Channel Class D Amplifier

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (06.16.2020) – There has been a high demand for BIG power amps from people using GIANT systems in their boats and off-road vehicles. It is more and more common to see boats, SXS, and various off-road vehicles with sound systems that include multiple subwoofers.

In the past, these enthusiasts would have to load up on multiple amps to drive their subs. New for 2020 , DS18 has now released their most powerful waterproof amplifier made to push big power and keep its compact size and waterproof rating.

The NXL100.1 is truly a sub moving monster that will make you grin from ear to ear when you power it up. This bad boy amp pushes out 1100w at 1 ohm, 900w @ 2ohms, and even at a 4-ohm load will put out 600 watts RMS power.

This is a full range amp, so you are not limited to subs alone on this amp.

You can adjust filters and turn this amp into a 1 channel full range audio all in one mega power amps that will fill all your power craving needs for all your DS18 speakers in your vehicle of choice that needs the toughest of amps.

Check them out on DS18.com for the next step up in the large variety of DS18 NXL line waterproof amps.