12Volt Dealers Make ‘Yes, We’re Open’ Posts

CENTRAL STUDIO (06.10.2020) – No doubt the world is in the midst of an unprecedented time. The COVID-19 Pandemic, amplified by the recent George Floyd death in Minneapolis, has brought so much uncertainty to everyone’s daily life. Across the 12volt industry the COVID-19 mandates impacted different regions and localities indifferent ways. The southern part of the U.S. has seen strong store traffic and sales while the northeastern part of the U.S., the upper midwest and west coast are dealing with restrictions and uncertainty on the path forward for their businesses.

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That said, businesses must strive to find a way to do business. Letting the marketplace know they are open for business is extremely important for 12volt retailers. That point was made very clear by the Sharks on the Friday night, June 5th, Shark Tank episode. The Sharks further stressed the importance of utilizing social media platforms to connect across the marketplace.

A ‘Yes We’re Open’ graphic offer was made by the 12volt News. The offer…Send us you logo and, using a custom ‘Yes We’re Open’ template, staff will prepare a graphic 12volt retailers can post on their social media outreach. On Tuesday, June 9th, 12volt Central Studios sent ‘Yes, We’re Open’ graphics to two 12volt companies, DarkSide Customs in Torrance CA and N&H Electronics in Hattiesburg MS were happy to receive their graphics.

We encourage all across the 12volt industry to strive to put priorities in place and utilize technology available today to ‘get things done.’

We feel more requests will come in, and be completed, before the COB June 10th cut off for the “Yes, We’re Open” offer.

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