Sound Check Mobile Car Stereo Competition in Lafayette, IN

LAFAYETTE, IN (06.03.2020) – Sound Check Mobile hosted dB Drag Racing and MECA competitors in Lafayette IN on Sunday, May 31st. The parking lot of the company’s store, along with adjacent business parking lots, were filled with competitors, spectators and vehicles on a warm sunny day.

The Sound Check Mobile lot was only part of the event layout.

RP Patel, Sound Check Mobile owner stated “We had a terrific turnout. The total crowd topped 150 people with north of 70 competitors. We were a bit worried that the crowd would be a problem with the local limits mandated by COVID-19 restrictions. All turned out well and everyone was happy to get back in the competition scene”

People and vehicles spread to adjacent lots during Sunday’s event.

Patel handled the dB Drag Racing and Bass Race lanes while MECA Indiana Event Director Chad Bleeke, with help from Judge Sean Paradis, were in the MECA lanes.

MECA Commish Steve Stern relayed “The event was a great way to get the season kicked off in Indiana. Sound Check Mobile was the MECA 2019 Retailer of the Year and does great store promotional events. RP Patel runs a great operation”

The Sound Check Mobile building is visible in the background.

“Our retail business has been amazing once COVID-19 restrictions were eased some in Indiana. Every year we have a number of sound competitions and this event was a great way to get the competition season off and running” Patel commented.

This B2 demo vehicle is quite a setup!

Celise Harris, DBDRA Marketing Director, related “Great news from Sound Check Mobile. The DBDRA would like to thank all the competitors that came out to compete at events this past weekend in Alberta Canada, Utah and Indiana. It is great to see everyone back in the lanes again!”

Concluding Patel offered “We certainly thank all the competitors who came out. dB Drag Racing and MECA are super organizations and we appreciate their continuing support.

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