KICKER Tech Force Continues Training Amid COVID-19

STILLWATER, OK (06.01.2020) – In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, KICKER’s Tech Force continues training dealers and installers worldwide, efficiently making use of retailers’ time that normally might be spent on consumers that are no longer walking into stores.  The four-man team educates KICKER representatives online about new gear releases, what makes the equipment special, and product tips that may provide a purchasing advantage over the competition.

KICKER has held nearly a dozen online-only trainings in the past month, with new “unboxing” and additional training videos slated in the coming weeks.  The Tech Force teaches to an industry that is hungry for tools to use when stores reopen and some sense of normalcy returns.

John Myers, KICKER Tech Force Senior Trainer, pictured in the studio at KICKER World HQ in Stillwater, OK.

“We can answer questions live, from anywhere in the world, right from the KICKER offices,” said John Myers, KICKER Tech Force senior trainer. “It’s also a chance to teach dealers and the public about all new technologies we’re rolling out in 2020.  It’s really exciting!”

For example, Myers conducted a 45-minute course on several new KICKER products and technologies, reaching out to South African distributor partners at Planet World and several retailers within the country.  He covered feature-intensive projects like the new KEY500.1 Smart Mono Amplifier, the re-voiced KS-Series speaker lineup, clever uses of KICKER LED speaker rings and more. A live Q-and-A session was held simultaneously to answer any questions.

KICKER plans on releasing training videos on social media, and on the training section of the company YouTube channel: KICKERFanatic.

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