Jammin’ N June… It’s Summertime

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (06.01.2020) – “It’s Summertime and time to ‘Crank It Up’! Get Jammin’ N June with great gear for your ride. HiTech in-dash media, powerful amps and speakers that will get your ride Jammin’ N June.” Those words, and that message, can grab the attention of consumers and create store traffic for 12volt retailers.

Competitors gathered for a group shot with their dB Drag Racing Trophies in front of FX Audio in Saturday, May 30, in Spruce Grove Alberta.

Online sales have been on a steady rise for the past several years. The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has led to a dramatic spike in online sales. Jammin’ N June themed activities by proactive 12volt retailers can drive consumer traffic into stores and very importantly drive sales.

Competitor’s vehicles lined up at the FX Audio dB Drag Racing event in Spruce Grove Alberta Canada.

It’s imperative that 12volt retailers create a powerful in-store experience for consumers in the showroom. An impressive demonstration will bring a smile to the consumer’s face and raise the hair on their arms.

In many sections of the U.S. 12volt store traffic, and sales, have been strong for 12volt retailers. dB Drag Racing competitions in Canada, Indiana and Utah just this past weekend were very well attended. These facts indicate 12volt enthusiasts are ready to Crank It Up.

The dB Drag Racing event had over 100 enthusiasts in the Sound Check Mobile parking lot in Lafayette IN at 10AM Sunday morning, May 31st, for the competition.

On Saturday, May 30th, the dB Drag Racing competition at FX Audio took place under a warm sunny Canadian sky. Ray Choy, dB Drag Racing International Judge, related “Everything went very well. Overall we had 15 competitors and it was a great event plus we had a lot of spectators at the store. Several competitors came just to visit and one competitor broke down on the way into Spruce Grove. Everyone was excited to get the 2020 competition season rolling”

RP Patel, Sound Check Mobile in Lafayette IN, commented to 12volt News during a phone call Sunday morning “We have over 100 people here in store’s parking lot for the dB Drag Racing competition before noon. Looks like we will have a busy day in the lanes. It’s a great way to start the sound-off season for sure”

dB Drag Racing and USACi competitors pictured with their trophies under the Boomin’ Audio event tower at the Spring Super Slam in Tooele UT on Sunday, May 31st.

The Boomin’ Audio Spring Super Slam filled the V Auto Care parking area in Tooele UT on Sunday, May 31st. Andy Teuscher relayed “This is a great way to start the competition season. There was a lot of excitement from dB Drag Racing and USACi competitors. Jeffrey Fernandez traveled in from SoCal and we both stayed super busy judging in the lanes and meeting with competitors. The Jones Subwoofer Solutions and V Auto Care teams really worked to make all come together for a super event”

After a busy day in the Boomin’ Audio lanes, Andy Teuscher (L) and Jeffrey Fernandez already for a cool one. Or two!

As an industry ‘Let’s Get Our Shine On.’ Much more to come from the 12volt Central Studios.

Let’s get Jammin’ N June!!