There Are 220 Days Left in 2020… “Let’s Get Our Shine On”

SHREVEPORT, LA (05.25.2020) – The World, and the 12volt World are 146 days into 2020, with 220 days to go. That’s right, 2020 is a leap year, and has 366 days. It certainly goes without saying the last couple of months have been unprecedented.

Richardson Electronics’ packing lot is packed with customer’s vehicles. Boxes from shipments are stacked outside the Jasper AL retailer’s store in this image from Blake Potts at AED.

In the remaining 220 days of 2020 let’s redouble our efforts across the 12volt industry to “Get Our Shine On”

Many retailers are reporting record sales days. Distributors are reporting strong sales to support retailers in their areas. All of this happening after stay at home orders ended in many states. Blake Potts, AED in Birmingham stated “I am busy talking orders in the morning and helping out the warehouse crew in the afternoon ‘picking and packing’”

Sondralee Orengia, Custom Audio-Erie PA, placed this 2’x8’ banner on the busy road facing the front of her store.

Chad Seekers at Angel Distributing offered “Dealers are coming in and asking what we have in inventory. They are not as brand or model conscious as usual. Their customers are looking to upgrade the sound in their rides”

David Holland, Shiflet & Dickson GM in Gastonia NC related “Mike, we are doing business like we did in the late “80’s and ’90’s. Key brands Kicker, PowerBass, JVC, DB Drive, Planet Audio, Metra and AudioControl are all shipping. We are lovin’ every minute of it!”

John Kelly, JCK Sales, in his office wearing an Ultra Safety mask.

John Kelly, JCK Sales in the Mid-Atlantic relayed “We are seeing strong sales to distributors. In addition Ultra Safety, from Ultra Start, is offering a new line of PPE products for dealers to help keep their customers and staff members safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

SonicSound in Arlington, VA completely remodeled their install bay… looks brand new. Their customer’s cars and installations shine too!

Ronnie Brashear, Epsilon VP stated “Business has been excellent in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic…but it really has been strong”

Jeff Shultz, Pioneer District Sales Manager, related “Just yesterday for me was outstanding and chaotic. Business was like what spring should be. It was non-stop and just felt great”

PHC Custom Audio in Wilmington CA is always working to get their ‘Shine On’ as they make attention grabbing posts of hot vehicle jobs!

The quotes above are especially positive for brick and mortar retailer in light of the ongoing growth of online sales. During the COVID-19 there as been a tremendous spike in online sales.

Paul Anja was thrilled to receive this order of new Kenwood products in his 5 Star Car Audio store in Clearwater FL in this image from Mike Sajecki-M.A.G. Sales.

Kicker recently reported there had been a surge in calls to the Kicker Tech Support line. More consumers seeking tech support for online purchases means there has been less face-to-face interaction with knowledgable staff members at local brick and mortar retailers.

Custom Sounds and Tint completely remodeled the store in El Paso during the COVID-19 downtime.

During the COVID-19 downtime, many 12volt retailer have spent time, energy and money to remodel their stores, showrooms and installation bays. We commend their investments to get their company’s ‘Shine On’”

A group on site at the 14th Annual Vinny in Tennessee as MECA works to restart the competition season.
Alan Wojtas, Wojtas Associates, will definitely have his ‘Shine On’ as he hits the road in TX, OK, AR and LA in this shiny new Camaro.

In the coming 220 days, weeks and months to finish 2020 the 12volt News will also redouble our efforts to showcase positives across the 12volt industry as we encourage all ‘To Get Our Shine On’”