Axxess Shipping New Plug-N-Play DSP Packages, Bluetooth and Toslink Accessories

HOLLY HILL, FL (05.22.2020) – Axxess by Metra Electronics is now shipping new AXDSP-X and AXDSP-L packages for a wide range of vehicles. These kits include the digital signal processor, a vehicle-specific wiring harness and if needed, an amplifier bypass harness and data interface for seamless integration. These new DSP kits provide everything in one convenient package and cover newer vehicle technologies, including B&O A2B amplifiers. Accessories for adding a Toslink optical output from the DSP “Lite” and audio streaming via Bluetooth are also now available. Metra Electronics continues to safely develop and ship new products from all of its warehouse locations to ensure that dealers have the solutions they need to keep their businesses running.

New Axxess DSP Packages:
The AXDSP-X features 6 inputs, 10 individually assignable outputs with a 31-band graphic EQ on each channel and high, low and bandpass filters. New packages with the AXDSP-X and a vehicle-specific T-harness included are:
● AXDSPX-A2B2: Includes data interface. Designed for B&O A2B amplifiers for Ford 2017-2019
● AXDSPX-MST1: Chevrolet 2014-2019 and GMC 2014-2018
● AXDSPX-GL10: GM 2016-2018
● AXDSPX-GL30: Chevrolet 2019-up* and GMC 2019-up*
● AXDSPX-GM31: Chevrolet 2019-up* and GMC 2019-up*
● AXDSPX-HN2: Honda 2016-up*
● AXDSPX-HN3: Honda 2016-2019
● AXDSPX-HK2: Hyundai/Kia 2011-2016
● AXDSPX-TY3: Toyota 2018-up*
● AXDSPX-VW2: Volkswagen 2016-2019, non-amplified models only

The AXDSP-L, DSP “Lite”, features 4 inputs, 6 outputs and a 15 band graphic EQ. New packages with the AXDSP-L and a vehicle-specific T-harness included are:
● AXDSPL-CH3: Chrysler 2011-2019
● AXDSPL-CH4: Chrysler 2007-2018
● AXDSPL-CH5: Chrysler 2013-Up*
● AXDSPL-FD1: Ford 2003-up*
● AXDSPL-FD2: Ford 2011-up*
● AXDSPL-GL1: GM 2006 -2012

Saddle Tramp DSP Packages:
A new water-resistant package, the AXDSPX-HD2, is now available for Harley-Davidson 2014-up* models and includes a water-resistant case and harness with the AXDSP-X. This package is also available for the same applications but with the AXDSP-L, sold as AXDSPL-HD2. A universal AXDSP-L package, the AXDSPL-HD1, has a water-resistant case and includes a harness with a rubber boot that snaps into the housing, designed for outdoor use. These Axxess packages are in stock and available now under Metra’s Saddle Tramp motorcycle accessories product line.

Bluetooth Input for DSP “Lite”:
Axxess is now shipping the AXDSPL-BT, used for adding a Bluetooth interface input for the AXDSP-L, which allows the user to stream music directly to the interface. This is ideal for use in UTVs or other powersports applications, golf carts or boats that may not have a head unit or room in the dashboard to add one. The AXDSPL-BT utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology for audio streaming.

Toslink Accessories for DSP “Lite”:
Optical cables for the AXDSP-L are now available from 1 to 5 meters in length. The AXDSPL-SP is used for adding an optical 2-channel output from the AXDSP-L to deliver a cleaner signal with more noise rejection. This allows installers to utilize a 2-channel Toslink input that is commonly required for certain high-end amplifiers or processors. The optical cable part numbers are AXDSPL-T1 through 5.

Axxess has recently updated all of their part numbers; the AX-DSP-X is now the AXDSP-X and the AX-DSP-LITE is now the AXDSP-L, with kits and harnesses following these same part number updates. Additional product information is available at and installers can look for live webinars each month from the Metra YouTube channel to learn more about these products.

*See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.