MECA Car Audio Restarts the 2020 Season with the 14th Annual “The Vinny” Event

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (05.19.2020) – The 14th Annual ‘The Vinny’ Event 2020 was held in 2 locations on Sunday, May 17th. The SQL event took place at Audio Specialists in Clarksville TN and the SPL competition took place at the Cheatham County Fairgrounds in Ashland, TN. At each venue there were 11 MECA members competing. XSPower sponsors MECA events in Tennessee.

The Audio Specialist location in Clarksville TN was the site of the MECA SQL competition.

Steve Stern, MECA Commish, stated “We wanted to get back to sensibly and safely providing venues for our MECA Club members. With the COVID-19 crisis finally easing it seemed now was the right time for a ‘Restart’ of the 2020 MECA season. Starting to get back on track, with ‘The Vinny’, seemed like the thing to do. Rob Bess has a great location in Clarksville that was ideal for the SQL Competition. We were mindful of restrictions for SPL and chose the Cheatham County Fairgrounds in Ashland, TN that offered a wide open venue with plenty of space bass and for social distancing.”

This group is pictured at the MECA SPL competition at Cheatham County Fairgrounds in Ashland TN. On the left MECA Commish Steve Stern, Judge Malani Puni and Ethan Stern along with a number of MECA SPL competitors.

Rob Bess, Audio Specialists owner stated “It was so great to see MECA competitors showcasing their systems. We provided ample space for social distancing during the event and judging. We had a competitor drive from Atlanta and one from South Carolina. Everyone that came was so happy to get out in the world and be among fellow MECA members.”

Competitor Doug Hyden wiped out the windshield in his ride and had to drive carefully back to Newport, TN… over 150 miles away. He did win “Best of Show” in the SPL competition.

Bess added “We brought in pizza for lunch which everyone enjoyed. In fact a couple of competitors mentioned this was the first food they had eaten outside of their home in a couple weeks. We all had a really good time.”

MECA’s Ethan Stern behind the meter in the SPL lane.

Continuing Stern offered “I drove the 40 miles to the SPL event at the Cheatham County Fairgrounds with the event setup gear in the MECA van with my son Ethan. It was terrific to see the competitors plus hear and judge their rides. Team American Bass had 2 vehicles that were really loud. Doug Hyden, Team High Voltage, topped 152 and shattered his windshield. He then drove, very carefully, over 150 miles back to Newport TN. It was a good trip for him because he had the Best of Show trophy in his back seat. Hyden runs MECA Manufacturer Member gear…Sundown subs, Stinger wire and accessories and has 3 Mechman alternators in his ride.”

SPL Competitor Matt Holloran and his son relax between runs in the SPL lane.

Concluding, Stern stated “The Vinny” is named for MECA Charter Member and SQL Coordinator and Judge Vinny Taylor from Franklin TN. Vinny is still active and helps with Rules and Ethics Committe, Judge training and larger events including the Finals.”

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