Announcing Launch of Fahlmarketing & Associates – A New Age Rep Firm

YORKVILLE, IL (05.15.2020) – Max Fahlmark launches Fahlmarketing & Associates, a new age rep firm currently targeting the Illinois and Wisconsin territory. Fahlmarketing & Associates is a Manufacturers Sale Representative Firm servicing the Car Technology, Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics channels.

Max Fahlmark, Principal, is not your typical sales rep. He is a Gen Z and brings the perspective of the largest consumer group to the company. “As of 2019, Gen-Zers outnumbered Millennials and Baby Boomers as the largest generation globally with 2.47 billion people, and it is important for businesses to target and properly communicate to this powerful buying group in places and in ways that make sense to them” said Max Fahlmark. Gen-Zers are digital pioneers and that principal has been woven into the DNA of Fahlmarketing & Associates. Fahlmarketing & Associates is paperless. Dealers and Distributors will complete and sign all paperwork electronically. Mr. Fahlmark will introduce his customers to the latest technologies and encourage them to use them in their businesses. Max Fahlmark drives a Tesla because it is better for the environment and demonstrates that “environmentally friendly” can be cool and customized.

Max Fahlmark drives a Tesla because it’s better for the environment and demonstrates that ‘environmentally friendly’ can be cool and customized as he is on the road making sales calls.

Max Fahlmark, principal, brings years of experience to the firm. Max has been mentored by his dad, Steve Fahlmark, a Manufacturer Sales Rep for over 25 years. Max worked for his dad’s firm for 7 years. He learned the inner workings of a Manufacturers Rep Firm and the necessary skills to be successful. He was inspired by his dad’s passion and energy for the business and that led him to become an entrepreneur and start his own firm. Fahlmark’s love of music has also played a role in his decision. Max Fahlmark said, “being a professional musician has not only given me the determination and focus but has also taught me what is missing in the Pro Audio market.”

Max Fahlmark, Principal

Fahlmarketing and Associates will bring a new perspective and a new way of doing business to the manufacturers, industries and customers it services. Technology is integrated at every touch point, which will bring efficiencies and improved ways of conducting business as a rep firm. Manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and consumers get a partner that is experienced but offers the perspective of a youthful mind. Fahlmarketing and Associates is immersed in the Mobile Technology, Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics markets and has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies. The firm will provide its dealers and distributors access to all manufacturing assets and guide them how to use them digitally to drive business.

Fahlmarketing and Associates currently represents Aunex and Stage Clicks in Illinois and Wisconsin. Steven Bach, President of Aunex, Inc. said, “I am extremely excited to have Max Fahlmark on board. Within the first months Max has already signed on direct dealers and a distributor. Max has shown a great level of determination and professionalism. We are definitely looking forward to this New Age Rep Agency to help promote our products for many years to come.”

Fahlmarketing and Associates is accepting interviews for professional representation of key manufacturers in Car Technology, Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics. While currently focused on Wisconsin and Illinois, Fahlmarketing and Associates will be expanding in the future.

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