Sound Trax Getting Set for a Strong ReOpening

CENTEREACH, NY (05.11.2020) – Sound Trax, celebrating 29 years in Long Island NY, is set for a strong reopening. A soft reopening is set for today, Monday May 11th. Sound Trax is prepared to “Get Their Shine On.”

Len Romano, company owner, related to 12volt News “The future is far more challenging following the COVID19 National Emergency. Our company, and 12volt retailers, must be prepared to charge ahead at full force. The time to pay attention to detail is more important now than it has ever been.”

Large shields are suspended above the sales counter.

Sound Trax closed their store on March 20th as the Coronavirus spread rapidly across the New York City and surrounding areas. During the downtime a number of large jobs were completed at area marinas.

Continuing, Romano stated “My team and I are ready to get back to work. We have taken the additional safety steps necessary to protect everyone from the potential of COVID-19 as recommended by the CDC and health professionals. The public will understand we are all concerned for their safety as well as our own”.

The Sound Trax store definitely grabs attention from drivers on the busy Centereach thoroughfare.

As customers enter Sound Trax they see the large sign at the front door noting the precautions the company has taken for their safety. Sound Trax has a mask policy for all in the store. Social distancing indicators are on the floor along with red tape markers. Large counter shields are in place. In the installation bay a rolling cart is setup with cleaning and sanitizing supplies.

Counter shields and in-store sign let all know Sound Trax is working to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 emergency.

“Clean, well organized and stocked stores are the future. Consumers are not going to frequent a store where they feel compromised and certainly not one that is lacking a knowledgable staff along with consideration and respect for one another” Romano added.

During the 6 weeks of downtime resurfacing the parking lot was one protects completed for the reopening.

Sound Trax is located in a free-standing building along a busy thoroughfare in Centereach. People driving that route will notice the parking lot was resurfaced during the company’s downtime. Also, as part of the soft reopening an amazing new demo truck, along with UTV’s, will be parked in front of the store to grab attention.

Attention grabbing demos are highlighted on the 2,500’ showroom floor.

The 12volt News looks forward to showcasing Sound Trax’s soft reopening. Sound Trax is definitely working to create a terrific in-store experience and “Get Their Shine On” for consumers in the area. 

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