Kicker Conducts Training Webinars in the International World

STILLWATER, OK (05.08.2020) – The Kicker Training Team was very busy on Wednesday morning, May 6th, at 10 Stillwater time with International Training webinars.

John Myers presenting the Kicker Celsus UK Training… a ZOOM call screenshot.

“We held trainings for both Spain and the UK. The presentation for Spain focusing on Kicker Marine was conducted in Spanish by Carlos Jimenez for Sport Nav in Barcelona. The presentation for the UK supported Kicker’s Distributor Celsus UK” David Glasgow, International Sales Manager stated.

Great graphics highlighted topics during the ZOOM training call.

John Myers, Global Trainer/Media Custom Projects Specialist, conducted the Celsus UK webinar that lasted over an hour and a half. During that time Myers covered virtually every facet of Kicker’s 2020 product lineup for car audio, powersports, motorcycles and marine audio. Very informative graphics enhanced each subject covered during the presentation.

The new Kicker Auto-Tuning Key SMART Amplifiers were covered in detail.

Mark Baker, Celsus UK Director, joined the webinar from the company’s office in Poole Dorest UK. During the webinar Baker snapped and sent images to the 12volt News. “Mike, Josh and I are the only ones in the office for the webinar. As a company we are social distancing like many companies around the world due to COVID-19. We had a program in place to inform dealers about the webinar and many were set to logon for the ZOOM call.”

“Go Overboard” with Kicker Marine Audio.

After the session Baker added “ John Myers did a great job of covering Kicker’s 2020 product lineup. Kicker is very proactive and helps us reach out to our customers in these strange times. These online trainings will help our customers understand the benefits of Kicker products and they get the best from them. Embracing these virtual training sessions is a way forward and we hope to do more.”

Mark Baker, Celsus UK Director, pictured in his office during the Kicker Training ZOOM call.
An over the shoulder look as Josh Baker watches the Kicker Training.

Glasgow added “We have been very busy during this COVID-19 timeframe and are working to provide as much Kicker training as we can. John Myers, Aaron Malin and Carlos Jimenez are really putting in the hours. We had training presentations for South Africa 2 weeks ago. And with the training on May 6th we finished the 4 marine webinars for Spain.”

Kicker has completed 4 training sessions in Spanish, with Carlos Jimenez,  for Marine Distributor SportNav in Barcelona Spain.
Those who attended the Kicker Training ZOOM Webinars received a very nice thank you email from the Kicker Tech Force.

Chet Weddle, Director of International Sales Stillwater Designs-Kicker, participated in the all encompassing Zoom Celsus UK presentation.

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