MECA Is Moving Forward

NASHVILLE, TN (04.30.2020) – MECA is moving forward and featuring a Manufacturer Member every weekday at

“Keeping our members and fans engaged, plus highlighting our sponsors’ brands, keeps all fresh in enthusiast’s minds. Even with the suspension of events, participants are working on the vehicles and installs. They are also preparing for reinstatement of the Event Schedule at, so they can earn their credentials as State and World Champs for the 2020 season” MECA Commish Steve Stern related.

MECA plans to move forward with events as soon as government entities allow gatherings of automotive show events. There will be CDC protocols to follow, including masks for all, and gloves for the judges who will consent to work the show. Competitors will be asked to sanitize their vehicles as much as possible, especially for SQL judges who must sit in each vehicle to listen to music and judge it. Vehicles and people must maintain 6′ social distance at all times, except for testing, which will be done as quickly as possible. Local sponsors, hosts, judges, and Event Directors will all be involved in setting up shows properly for the safety of all present. A state, city, local or county government agency may approve of events, but all involved will have to be totally comfortable with judging and administering the event.

Steve Stern

“We will be vigilant in our pursuit of safe events and protocols may change in response to any number of variables” Stern added.

Continuing, Stern offered “MECA will be announcing the Car Audio Championship – United Finals – dates and location soon. There have been issues around setting this Finals event, but the car audio sports organizations – dB Drag Racing, IASCA, EMMA, and MECA – want to present this event, in mid-October, if possible. More to come on the 2020 Car Audio Championship.The Event Schedule will become very active once we get back to show business, so please watch as we remove shows that we can’t do, and add shows that we can do.”

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