PowerBass Steps Up to Help 12V Retailers and Installers Make a Difference

ONTARIO, CA (04.29.2020) – PowerBass recently entered the safer at home order as put in place by the California State and local government in an effort to keep our employees safe during this trying time in our world. During this time we began reaching out to our customers and checking in on thing across the country and we began to see many retailers and installers banding together to make shields for the essential healthcare workers to protect themselves on the front line when dealing with sick patients and the general public. This great initiative was started from the lack of supplies seen by this great group of people and began with nothing but an idea, the money in their own pockets, and the strong desire to help our nation. 

PowerBass wanted to do its part to help these great men and women on their journey as we learned of their plans to ramp up to large scale production the need for more materials was very apparent so we decided as a company that is was our duty to in turn step up to help our friends and partners in business achieve their goals. Early on in the progress we reached out to our friend Gary Bell and offered our assistance by means of a donation to help him and others that have joined in the group for producing these much needed face shields, a bit of help to gather the needed materials for production.

Gary Bell of Define Concepts stated “Erik reached out to see how PowerBass could be most effective in helping the 12v community. The timing was perfect as we were sourcing more material to help shops across the country. Many were having trouble sourcing the PETG material need for the face shield lenses. PowerBass’s donation was able to provide the material for over 650 lenses. These lenses covered important front-line faces across the country.”

We are extremely proud of the efforts of all evolved in this valiant project to help those healthcare workers remain safe while protecting our families and friends across the country and we know they have made a positive impact on the world from their efforts. 

Erik Harbour of PowerBass stated “PowerBass wanted to show its support by helping this great group of not only 12V retailers and installers but also people we are happy to call friends. We feel this program is a great thing and has already helped so many medical and other professionals in need during this strange time in our world and we are looking forward to seeing how many more they can help along this journey. The efforts of these great men and women truly show how we can all come together to overcome obstacles that we are all facing together and by supporting and lifting each other up, this is how we as a nation will endure. We wish them and the world all the best and hope everyone around the globe remains safe and healthy during this tough time.”

For more information on how you or your company can contribute please contact Gary Bell at FreeFaceShieldsSoCal@gmail.com