Advanced Custom Sound Shines in Warren, OH

WARREN, OH (04.28.2020) – The Advanced Custom Sound makeover in Warren OH is nearly complete.

Following a fall 2019 fire Advanced Custom Sound owner Dan Nezbeth made the decision to find a new location and come back stronger than ever. That decision has become a reality in downtown Warren. The old 2-story Wilt Pontiac dealership building, built in 1940, has been transformed into the new stunning new Advanced Custom Sound store.

The new Advanced Custom Sound Store is in a building built in 1940 for a Pontiac car dealership.

Nezbeth related to 12volt News “I opened Advanced Custom Sound in 2005. Prior to that I had experience working in the 12volt industry. At this point 12volt is in my DNA. After the fire at the old store I made the decision to find a location and open a new store that would be a show place. After months of hard work moving walls, replacing the the floor and ceiling in the 2400 square foot showroom it was time finish to the job. Working with 5 Axis we created a concept to turn the first floor into a stunning showroom for 12volt and aftermarket products.”

The Advanced Custom Sound showroom is truly amazing.

End Result’s Ed Dalesandro has worked with Nezbeth for years representing several key lines to Advanced Custom Sound. Dalesandro stated “When Dan mentioned working to open a stunning new location we talked about his vision and commitment to making that happen. At that point I put him in contact with Jody Culbertson at 5 Axis Innovations that I represent in the territory.”

Product displays line this wall with striking LED displays graphics above.

Culbertson offered “From the beginning the idea of creating a showroom from basically scratch was exciting. Also, the showroom area was not just a basic rectangle. The angled walls provided cool display and merchandising opportunities. Dan sent a diagram of the space and we talked back and forth at length before coming up with the actual floor plan.”

Brand and category displays are featured on the showroom floor.

Working with Culbertson at Milwaukee based 5 Axis a showroom floor layout was finalized utilizing a number of freestanding displays for categories and highlighting brands. A striking sales counter and customer meeting area were key elements. The customer meeting area was actually constructed to hide a support beam. Stunning graphics and lighting were a key part of the showroom layout that brings the large showroom to life. One LED backlit graphic is 2’x46’ and positioned to follow walls just below the ceiling that is painted black.

High tech product displays provide opportunities to make A/B demos for customers.

The displays were fabricated at the 5 Axis facility in Milwaukee and shipped to Warren. Culbertson and Phil Plagge pulled a trailer with counters and more of the displays to Warren for the actual setup. Dalesandro worked along side Culbertson and Plagge for 3 days with Nezbeth and Jeanna Kennedy to set up the display. Family member Cory was also part of the crew.

The building, built for a car dealership has full windows facing the street and a huge garage area that has been sectioned as an installation bay with room for 12 vehicles. There are plans for the second floor to be outfitted as an area where locals and customers could relax and see images detailing the history of the Wilt Pontiac dealership.

The showroom at night grabs attention from the street.

Concluding, Culbertson stated “Everything turned out so well. The displays and signage will really engage customers. As a matter fact the last evening we were there a customer knocked on the door to let us know how great the showroom looked at night from the street.”

The crew doing the installation is pictured at the end of a long day. Jody Culbertson, Phil  Plagge, Ed Dalesandro, Jeanna Kennedy, Dan Nezbeth and Corey Nezbeth (L to R).

“My hats off to Dan. He saw the opportunity and committed to make it happen. He is a great dealer and we look forward to working together into the future.”

“There are still plans to finalize for reopening with all that is happening with the Coronavirus. When we do open the word about our new showroom will quickly to all in Warren and the surrounding area” Nezbeth commented.

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