Accent Mobile Blind Spot System Increases Accuracy, Decreases Installation Time and Reduces Cost

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (04.23.2020) – Accent Mobile has announced, at a reduced cost, their latest innovative solution for Blind Spot Detection, the ultra-compact ACTBSS500. This Microwave Radar based system adds an extra set of eyes and warns the driver if there are any vehicles in either blind spot before and during a lane change maneuver.

Microwave is more accurate than Ultrasonic systems, and it requires no drilling into the bumpers. 2 ultra-compact Microwave Sensors mount behind the bumpers and alert the driver with 2 compact interior mounted LED Indicators and a small speaker.

“Our ACTBSS500 is unique in that it incorporates technology operating at 79GHz, this new higher Frequency offers 30% better performance in range resolution and accuracy when compared to our competitors 24GHZ,”
stated Bob Goodman, Director of Channel Sales, Accent Mobile.

“Additionally, our new ultra-compact design, 400% smaller, allows installation behind bumpers without drilling and enabling the use of 3M High Temperature Foam Adhesive instead of drilling. The compact sensors have mounting tabs that bend and can fit on any curve inside a bumper, reducing installation time by 30%, added Goodman.”

All these improvements have resulted in a 30% reduction in cost from our previous model.

“Consumer awareness of aftermarket Blind Spot Detection solutions is still quite low, our industry as a whole has done a poor job of letting consumers know these systems even exist as an aftermarket option, if retailers are only selling backup cameras or ignoring this category, they’re doing themselves and their customers a huge disservice. Backup Cameras have been standard in new vehicles for a few years, but Blind Spot Detection is still only available in the highest of trim levels, as part of an ultra-expensive package or in the brands flagship vehicles.

The ACTBSS500 MSRP is $499.95, Like all Accent Mobile Products, The ACTBSS500 has a 3 Year Warranty and is available immediately.

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