Team Nutz Producing Social Distancing Signs and Stickers

PITTSBURG, PA (04.21.2020) – Team Nutz is producing social distancing signs and stickers for businesses.

Once printed these social distancing stickers are being prepped, by hard working hands, in the Team Nutz production area to fill orders.

Ed Nuttall related “We have the the equipment and make thousands of Team Nutz stickers that we hand out at consumer events. With COVID-19 the events are not happening and a need came about for social distancing signage and stickers. With that in mind, we began to make and offer social distancing signage and stickers.”

Pictured are examples of 4 social distancing items Team Nutz offers.

A recent Instagram and social media post spotlighted 4 different social distancing items that Team Nutz has ready for businesses.

“This project is not a big money maker but it can be a positive in this crazy time,” Nuttall concluded.

On the web see or call 412-882-8346.