Learn Something New with AudioControl Web Training

SEATTLE, WA (04.14.2020) – The fifth session in our ongoing weekly web training series, we’ll be streaming LIVE from AudioControl HQ.

Join AudioControl’s National Trainer, Matthew Palumbo & Director of Mobile Audio, Chris Bennett for:

“Tech Support: Answers to the most frequently asked tech questions” -a live training direct from AC HQ.

-How do I set up AccuBass?
-How do I do signal summing on an LC7i?
-Why does an Epicenter need to have full range signal?
-What is ANC? How do I deal with that?
-Why is the “Maximized” light on all the time?
These and many other questions will be answered this Thursday at 11:00am PST.

Click HERE to tune in using Zoom.
Click HERE to tune in via Facebook Live.

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