Thousands Attend AudioControl’s Online Training Sessions

SEATTLE, WA (04.10.2020) – AudioControl has rolled out live online presentations for the 12-volt industry that have had over 15,000 views thus far via streaming on ZOOM and Facebook LIVE, providing training and overall excitement during these challenging days. Attendees are interacting with the trainers and asking thoughtful questions.

The AudioControl training session on Thursday, April 9th, was a terrific hour and a half for all who attended. Matt Palumbo was on camera with Chris Bennett adding great input as they covered the AudioControl amplifier line in detail. The duo provided a lot of information regarding features, specs and installation tips.

Matt Palumbo holds an AudioControl amplifier with the top plate in place.

At the conclusion of the session Chris and Matt answered several questions, in great detail, from dealers on the ZOOM call.

David Holland, Shiflet and Dickson, was on the call. Holland, an AudioControl distributor in the Carolinas, related to 12volt News “The AudioControl ZOOM call was really great. Those on the call learned so much about the amp line. Real world installation questions were answered in detail. It is super to see AudioControl supporting their customers with these online sessions”.

Block diagrams were posted during the presentation. Click image to enlarge.

The 12volt News was on the ZOOM Call and encourage industry members to tune into the AudioControl sessions every Thursday at 11 AM PST. Great job Matt and Chris. Your back and forth during the session was so very good!

“The energy and enthusiasm from these trainings has been phenomenal,” said Matthew Palumbo National Trainer & Sales Specialist at AudioControl. “The feedback we are receiving from trainees is incredibly positive and everyone is so grateful to have us jump right in and start doing meaningful, valuable trainings. We are hosting these trainings, open to all, every Thursday at 11am PST. That way everyone knows what day, and at what time, without having to look it up. We are putting lots of resources into these sessions, and they are growing every week.”

The AudioControl LC Amplifier Family was covered in detail during the ZOOM Call.



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