Midbass Distribution Limited and Aurigin Inc. Join Together in International Collaboration

SUTTON COLDFIELD, UK & ATLANTA, GA (04.10.2020) – Midbass Distribution Limited is the master distributor of Vented Innovative Bass Enclosures (VIBE) Audio, founded in 1993, the first brand in the world to trademark the now-iconic alloy spun turbo port in all of its bass enclosures. The VIBE product line consists of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, powered enclosures, and installation accessories, is the UK’s biggest 12V car audio brand, and recipient of numerous European awards including the EISA award for best speaker in 2019.

Aurigin Inc. is owned by Scott Buwalda, who also founded Hybrid Audio Technologies in 2005. Hybrid Audio is best known for producing some of the world’s finest car audio speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, and have garnered more International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) wins than any other manufacturer in the past ten years. The company celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2020 with a commemorative component set known as the “XV Series,” and planned release of their first DSP amplifier later this year.

The collaboration will include Aurigin Inc. warehousing and order fulfillment of VIBE products in the USA with sales and marketing coordination by Midbass from their UK offices, while Midbass assumes responsibility for Hybrid Audio Technologies warehousing and exclusive distribution through the European Union, EMEA, and the UK.

Jon Knowles, Head of 12V Midbass Distribution and Director of Sales for VIBE Audio stated “we are very happy to be taking big steps back into the US market, after an overly long time away. We now will have a mechanism in place to warehouse the VIBE products and ensure timely order delivery from Aurigin’s Georgia headquarters and a satellite fulfillment and support location in Chicago, Illinois.” Knowles went on to say “further, having the Hybrid Audio Technologies line-up in the EMEA fills a void in the high-end audio categories for us, and is a natural fit.”

“We formed Aurigin Inc. two years ago for this very purpose” explains Klifton Keplinger, VP of Sales for Aurigin and Hybrid Audio Technologies. “We are positioned well to be a warehousing and order fulfillment center for VIBE as they seek to grow their business in the USA.” Keplinger continues “furthermore, Midbass will be an asset to Hybrid Audio Technologies as the brand is proliferated throughout the UK and Europe, thanks to Midbass’s extensive distribution network which covers thirty countries in EMEA.”

Midbass will market both brands (VIBE in the USA and Hybrid Audio Technologies in UK and EMEA) as protected lines, with a focus on the specialist “brick and mortar” retailers. In Europe, the Hybrid Audio Technologies line completes the Midbass portfolio of products and bolsters the super high-end and SQ product lines currently not fulfilled by the company with VIBE Audio and EDGE Car Audio.

For more information on VIBE Audio, contact Jon Knowles, Director of Sales, Midbass Distribution Ltd. at jon.k@midbass.com, or by calling +44(0) 121 311 9090. For more information on Hybrid Audio Technologies, contact Klifton Keplinger of Aurigin Inc. at klifton@aurigin.us, or by calling toll-free 1.833.AURIGIN x.101.