Oracle Lighting Announces Universal Dynamic ColorSHIFT LED Underbody Kit

METAIRE, LA (05.08.2020) – Oracle Lighting has announced its new Universal Dynamic ColorSHIFT LED Underbody Kit (p/n #4229-332) is now available with an MSRP of $229.95.

“Underglow is nothing new but our new Dynamic ColorSHIFT kit has a ton of unique features and allow the user to adjust every aspect of the lights with their smartphone for the ultimate in controllability,” said Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting director of development. “Our specially-designed kit includes four self-adhesive LED strips that fit most vehicles. Although not intended for on-road use, our LED underglow lights give your car or truck the appearance of floating and will make it stand out from the crowd at the next car show.”

The new Oracle Lighting Dynamic ColorSHIFT technology is the latest advancement in the company’s expansive lighting modifications. The Dynamic features allow the user to run multiple moving color patterns through the LEDs using the free app, creating a vivid eye-catching lighting effect. The LEDs can be set to individual colors to match any color paint or vehicle theme.

“Conveniently controlled through a free smartphone app, the system features more than 200 pre-programmed moving patterns as well as static color control,” Hartenstein continued. “In addition to the pre-programmed features, the user can also create custom designs through pixel editing in the app.”

The LEDs are Double insulated to IP69 standard for durability and are waterproof enough to be submerged underwater. Installation and wiring is easy with Plug-and-Play connectors and a controller that installs by simply connecting the black and red wires to the battery. With the controller connected to the battery the user can then control the lights via your smartphone. 

Package Includes:

  • (2) 4-Foot Dynamic ColorSHIFT IP 68 waterproof strips for vehicle’s front and back underbody
  • (2) 6-Foot Dynamic ColorSHIFT IP 68 waterproof strips for the vehicle’s passenger and driver side underbody
  • (1) Dynamic ColorSHIFT Bluetooth® controller
  • Installation accessories

Having celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2019, Oracle Lighting has been designing innovative lighting products and technologies for the automotive market since 1999. Oracle thrives on low-to-mid production specialized components with a goal of providing a dual benefit to clients by lowering manufacturing costs and reducing lead-time for product development.

For more information on Oracle Lighting and its full product line, visit, call (800) 407-5776, or email