Tint World Hosted Virtual Car Meet Via Zoom

ORLANDO, FL (04.07.2020) – Tint World Longwood, the Orlando area’s leading auto accessory and window tinting franchise, invited Orlando-area auto enthusiasts to safely connect with up to 300 other fellow car lovers this past weekend at an online event created to keep the local car scene running during a period of social distancing and stay-at-home mandates.  

Pete Muller posted this image on Sunday,  to test the live video feed, prior to the live  Virtual Car Meet Zoom call.

“Orlando has a huge car scene,” said Tint World Longwood owner Pete Muller. “You can typically find a car show every day of the week. For many people, it’s an important part of their social life. So while we’re all staying in place as much as possible, we hosted a virtual car show this past weekend that anyone could join from their own driveway or garage.”

This image is a screenshot of the live Virtual Car Meet Zoom call. Images of enthusiasts on the call are pictured. Muller is pictured on the top row-Second from the left. Tara Bush, Zoom call co-host, is pictured top row 3rd from the left.

The virtual car meet was hosted on Zoom on Sunday, April 5, from 4-6 p.m.

TintWorld Orlando’s Pete Muller commented to 12volt News, “This was a very good ‘experiment’ and possibly the very first live car meet on Zoom. In and out we generally had over 20 enthusiasts on the Zoom call. We were all relaxed, had a beverage in hand and talked car stuff. All could see the cars and garages of those on the Zoom call. All in all it was a very positive 2 hours.”

Tint World Orlando posted this announcement for the Live Virtual Car Meet days prior to the Zoom call.

Tara Bush, who owns FLACarShows.com, co-hosted the Zoom live car meet with Muller.

“I noticed there were several names on the Zoom call that I was not familiar with from the store. They will be good followup opportunities. Also, I noticed a few on the call had a ski rig or an ATV,” Muller added.

Great to see proactive 12volt retailers, like Pete Muller, exploring new ways to connect with consumers and create interest in the wide selection of products 12volt retailers offer in today’s marketplace.

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