Accent Mobile Gets Smart

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (04.06.2020) – Accent Mobile, a division of Accele Electronics focused on solutions for Expeditors, Upfitters and Fleet Managers has announced their latest solution in the ADAS category, our RVC180CTD.

“Smart Camera.” The RVC180CTD “Image Recognition” Camera offers a 160 Degree view while actually monitoring a 180 Degree “Field of Vision,” alerting drivers when a moving object such as another vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist is about to cross their path. The unique technology is part of the microprocessor built-in to this compact Wide View, Hi Resolution Camera,” said Bob Goodman, Accent Mobile, Director Of Channel Sales.

Goodman added, “Cross Traffic Detection is one of the most important and sought after features in ADAS products and typically only found in more expensive Blind Spot systems that require installation in addition to a Back Up Camera. Our system uses any LCD Monitor available in the vehicle including aftermarket head units and Mirror Monitors, this is the perfect replacement or upgrade to a factory installed Camera. An additional feature is the option of Guidance Lines to assist in Parking. Using the Camera’s built-in microprocessor to extend its “Field of Vision” to a full 180 Degrees, an audible alert is triggered when a moving object such as a pedestrian or Bicyclist is about to cross its path. At the same time a visual warning with directional arrows is displayed on the Camera’s monitor. While most Microwave cross traffic detection devices on the market are only 60% effective in detecting (low mass ) Pedestrians or bicyclists, our new visual detection method gives you a 99% detection rate.”

Goodman continued, “Expeditors, Fleet Managers and Upfitters can now offer their customers a cost effective and unique solution for complete backup safety.”

The RVC180CTD joins an extensive portfolio of ADAS solutions including Microwave and Ultrasonic Blind Spot Systems. The RVC180CTD has a 3 Year Warranty and customers can take advantage of a special introductory promotion.

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