RaceSportNation.com to Offer Lighting Training and Educational Materials

RINGWOOD, IL (04.02.2020) – Race Sport Lighting (RSL) has announced to all re-sellers to take advantage of multiple training and educational resources on their RaceSportNation.com support site during this national slow down due to COVID-19 crisis. This site has been up and running previous to the start of the crisis, but the traffic to this site has increased in the last 1-2 weeks, as counter salesman and installers have extra time to get educated on specific categories in the lighting category. Training and education on the lighting category has always been a high priority with Race Sport Lighting, and are convinced that dealers that package training knowledge with displays, simply sell more lighting that dealers without training and displays. Race Sport Lighting even has an online RS University where staff can get certifications in specific areas of lighting to become experts.

“We designed the RaceSportNation.com website to be a separate site for our dealers and distributors to go to for the specific reason to get training, tools, sell sheets, marketing tools, and anything they really need to be a successful Race Sport Lighting re-seller. The rich resources on the nation site are the same resources we send out internally after they are developed for our staff to get knowledgeable, and then to our Sales reps on the road, and ultimately to our re-sellers to be successful selling and installing the products. Our goal has always been over the last 13 years to be the leader of the lighting category, and that is more than great products, its offering tools, training, and resources that our competitors don’t. Value added services is what sets us apart,” stated RSL President Steve Jergensen

Link to Training site: racesportnation.com

Tools available on site:

RS University – racesportnation.com/race-sport-lighting-university/
Lighting Resources – racesportnation.com/lighting-resources/
Video Resources – racesportnation.com/rides/
Whats New with RSL – racesportnation.com/blog/
Dealer MAP to Success – racesportnation.com/new-dealers-map-to-success/
Find my Rep – racesportnation.com/find-my-rep/